2014 Almanac of Higher Education: Profession


Almanac 2014: Profession

Discover which college presidents make more than $1-million and what route newly appointed presidents, provosts, and deans took to gain their posts.


Academic Freedom Meets Twitter, and Adjuncts Gain PoliticallyPremium Link

Colleges navigated a time of transition over the past year in whom they employ and how those employees work.


2014 Almanac of Higher Education: Students


Arguments for the Value of College, Even as Completion LagsPremium Link

Under pressure from families and legislators, institutions had to justify what they charge and how well they support students to graduation and prepare them for jobs.


Enrollment and Degrees

See how colleges measure up in building enrollment, even as the pool of students begins to shrink, and which institutions do the best in graduating students.  Explore the data in more than 20 tables and charts.

2014 Almanac of Higher Education: Diversity


Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Learn how well colleges attract and serve diverse students by viewing more than 10 tables and charts.


More Voices Call for Equity, Not Just AccessPremium Link

As the nation’s demographics change, ideas on how to encourage enrollment and success also evolve.

2014 Almanac of Higher Education: Finance


Aided by Donors, Colleges Continue Their Slow RecoveryPremium Link

State spending rose for the first time in four years, tuition increased only modestly, and endowment returns and donations came in at generous levels.

2014 Almanac of Higher Education: Technology


Almanac 2014: Technology

E-books, online education, and other technology are a growing presence on campuses. More than a dozen tables and charts reveal how professors and students use such tools.


Colleges Race to Keep Up With Technology ChangePremium Link

Students and faculty members are demanding that more information be delivered in ways that are in sync with the devices and applications they use every day.

2014 Almanac of Higher Education: International


Global Educators' Worries: Student Experience, Faculty FreedomPremium Link

As colleges get involved in more global exchanges, they struggle to ensure that those opportunities are inclusive and in accord with American academic standards.

2014 Almanac of Higher Education: The States


States Are Giving Colleges More but Want More BackPremium Link

As they increase appropriations, legislators seek ways to improve access to public institutions and see that students graduate.