PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | Blogs http://www.chronicle.com/section/Blogs/164/ 2018-01-18T22:35:03-05:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Punctuate, Punctuate; Punctuate! http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/18/punctuate-punctuate-punctuate/ 2018-01-18T16:58:13-05:00 Computer scientists say that students’ ability to write careful sentences in their native language correlates with success in programming courses. Geoff Pullum explains why. Following Up on 'Off Of' http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/17/following-up-on-off-of/ 2018-01-17T18:22:17-05:00 While the expression bothers some writing teachers, Lucy Ferriss cares more about students’ ideas. The Hole Truth http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/16/the-hole-truth/ 2018-01-16T18:49:21-05:00 Bill Germano tries to be grown up about current vulgarisms, and the timely history of poop jokes in English. Write in Markdown on Your Mac with Macdown http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/write-in-markdown-on-your-mac-with-macdown/64890 2018-01-16T08:00:31-05:00 Ryan Cordell describes a free, lightweight application for writing in the Markdown convention with a live preview on Mac computers. When Is a New Word New? http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/15/when-is-a-new-word-new/ 2018-01-15T17:17:06-05:00 It’s harder than ever nowadays to decide whether a coinage is really new, with internet resources so abundant, writes Allan Metcalf. Of Time and the Pig http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/14/of-time-and-the-pig/ 2018-01-14T17:55:33-05:00 Sometimes, writes Ben Yagoda, redundant words are not only useful but powerful.   #365papers in 2018 http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/365papers-in-2018/64838 2018-01-12T08:00:34-05:00 Ryan Straight explains that with this challenge, your goal is to read and record an academic paper each day. Building Complex Offline Websites http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/building-complex-offline-websites/64880 2018-01-11T19:29:43-05:00 Jason Jones points to interesting work done by Ed Summers at MITH to implement complex, javascript-dependent websites offline. 'A Foreign Way Which Never Really Caught On' http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/11/a-foreign-way-which-never-really-caught-on/ 2018-01-11T17:23:02-05:00 What would have been Muriel Spark's 100th birthday is coming up. Geoff Pullum has an appreciation. The Joy of Predictive Text http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/10/the-joy-of-predictive-text/ 2018-01-10T17:05:44-05:00 How well does your smartphone get to know you? Ben Yagoda has some fun in an effort to find out. Open Thread: Favorite New Podcasts? Here Are 5 Good Ones http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/open-thread-favorite-new-podcasts-here-are-5-good-ones/64867 2018-01-10T13:00:52-05:00 George H. Williams shares 5 podcasts worth listening to and invites readers to share their own favorites. New Words of 1990 http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/09/new-words-of-1990/ 2018-01-09T18:20:22-05:00 Remember "bushlips," the winning entry in the first Word of the Year contest? We didn't think so. "Politically correct," a distant also-ran, had more staying power. Allan Metcalf has the tally. Keep Your Mac Awake (and More) with Amphetamine http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/keep-your-mac-awake-and-more-with-amphetamine/64800 2018-01-09T08:00:11-05:00 Ryan Cordell reviews an application that will keep Mac computers from going to sleep while teaching, presenting at a conference, or other situations in which users would not want their screensaver to interrupt their work. Of Women, Men, and Glasses of Wine http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/08/of-women-men-and-glasses-of-wine/ 2018-01-08T16:41:31-05:00 Beginning a sojourn in France, Lucy Ferriss encounters the gendering of nouns in French, which may well change the way she looks at the world. Overcast.fm for listening to podcasts http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/overcast-fm-for-listening-to-podcasts/64829 2018-01-08T08:00:49-05:00 Heather M. Whitney outlines the various features of her favorite podcast app (and explains why you might like it, too). Word(s) of the Year 2017 http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/07/words-of-the-year-2017/ 2018-01-07T17:48:15-05:00 Anne Curzan recaps the American Dialect Society's votes on lexical items that capture the spirit of the year just past, including the winners of Emoji of the Year and WTF? Weekend Reading: Bomb Cyclone Edition http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/weekend-reading-bomb-cyclone-edition/64847 2018-01-05T15:00:24-05:00 George H. Williams provides 5 links and a video worth watching. Of Malteds, Dungarees, and Suntan Lotion http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/04/of-malteds-dungarees-and-suntan-lotion/ 2018-01-04T17:13:09-05:00 Attention, latter-day fogies: Your grandmother called the refrigerator the icebox. Are you, perhaps, still carrying a valise rather than a suitcase? Desktop Automation with Belvedere http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/desktop-automation-with-belvedere/64786 2018-01-04T08:00:33-05:00 Ryan Straight reintroduces a digital tool designed to automate many repetitive tasks. Telling and Counting http://www.chronicle.com/blogs/linguafranca/2018/01/03/telling-and-counting/ 2018-01-03T15:26:34-05:00 What are we saying when we describe some quantity, some big number, as untold? Bill Germano decodes the term.