Harold Wechsler and the Myth of Meritocracy

Race and ethnicity have always mattered in college admissions, the late education scholar pointed out, but in different ways at different times.


Amherst’s Problems Are Society’s Problems

Divisions of race, class, gender, and athletics — described in a recent Chronicle article — are hardly limited to the Massachusetts institution, writes its president.


How Colleges Lost Billions to Hedge Funds in 2016

The disastrous endowment performance was widespread, but it left a handful of elite institutions with most of their wealth intact.



Colleges Can Help Students Move Up. Let’s Make It Easier.

With the support of state and federal policy makers, more institutions can push more low-income students into the middle class.



The Hazards and Opportunities Presented by Title IX

Wise college leaders will seize the chance to publicize their successful Title IX compliance — attracting more students who want to feel and be safe.


Embracing Governance — and Efficiency

Not all faculty committees are created equal. But there are ways to make bad ones better, and to reward the efforts of the good ones.



Trustees: Pay Attention to the Mission Statement

On a college’s governing board, familiarity with that document, and sometimes a willingness to rewrite it, is crucial.


Reframing Faculty Criticisms of Student Activism

Instead of reacting negatively to students who mobilize for change, we should suppress our discomfort and recognize what they’ve gotten right.


My ‘Dear Betsy’ Letter

The new secretary of education hasn’t reached out to the president of Macalester College for advice. But it could happen, he says, and he has some ideas.


How Canceling Controversial Speakers Hurts Students

We don’t do our undergraduates any favors by shielding them from the views of the big bad conservatives beyond the ivory tower.


Let Parents Be Parents

First-generation parents don’t need more instruction on the college process. Colleges need to require less of it.



How Robots Will Save Liberal Education

They can’t take the jobs that require "relationship workers," who exhibit the valuable skills that a liberal education provides.



The Changing Landscape of Peer Review

University presses must adapt to the rise of digital publishing and the greater reliance on nontenured faculty members.


How Immigrants Have Made America a Leader in Technology Innovation

Trump’s executive order could break the positive feedback loop that brings foreign students to American universities and creates American jobs.


How Administrators Can Help Prepare Ph.D.s for Nonfaculty Careers

Graduate programs should foster alumni networks and provide opportunities for students to articulate their skills.



Beyond the College Earnings Premium. Way Beyond.

A college education is a public good, in ways that are rarely acknowledged, and ought to be treated that way.



Getting Personal in the Search for Campus Leaders

For diversity to become a truly positive attribute of a college, it must be built into searches for deans and provosts.


Colleges Must Find Ways to Serve Students Shut Out by the Ban

President Trump’s order runs counter to an established U.S. foreign-policy goal in the Middle East: to develop "informed critical thinkers resistant to extremist appeals."



How to Help Students When Your College Closes

Administrators should takes solace in knowing that they made a difficult situation more tolerable by communicating clearly and providing good options.


You Don’t Need to Be Superwoman to Succeed in STEM

The pernicious myth that you need to be a straight-A student to deserve your spot encourages everyone to hide what they see as their failures.


Don’t Retreat. Teach Citizenship.

It’s possible to cultivate valuable skills and dispositions across the curriculum. And now it’s more crucial than ever.


The 3 Qualities That Make a Good Dean

A veteran professor-turned-dean who wanted to bring light to "the dark side" explains what worked for him.



How to Responsibly Close a College

When failure is inevitable, planning becomes crucial: How much cash is available, and how long will it last?