The Idea That Launched a Thousand Strategic Plans

Many colleges seek to bridge the "skills gap," but no one really agrees on what it is, what institutions need to do about it, or if fixing it is even higher education’s job.

Costs of Competency-Based Programs Come Into Focus

The programs may be inexpensive to run, but they can also take longer than expected to turn a profit, according to a new study.


General Education Gets an ‘Integrative Learning’ Makeover

Breadth requirements, often loathed as annoyances, get retooled to be more coherent, interconnected, and appealing.


What Colleges Can Do to Diversify Their Curricula

Student protesters at Seattle University want fewer "dead white dudes" in their curriculum. Is that possible?

Streamlining the Path to Program Completion

Community colleges are exploring structured approaches that more efficiently guide students through the course-selection process. No, it's not about killing the liberal arts.


4-Part Plan Seeks to Fix Mathematics Education

The way colleges teach math has long been criticized as outdated. Now a new player is fostering fresh approaches.