Where Does Your Freshman Class Come From?

On the subject of the migration of college freshmen, two things are clear: Most stay within their home state's borders, and the rest tend to go to private colleges in neighboring states. 

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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender of Full-Time Faculty at More Than 4,300 Institutions

A sortable table that shows the percentages of full-time faculty members who were members of specific racial and ethnic groups at degree-granting colleges and universities in November 2011.


Faculty and Staff Salaries at More Than 4,700 Colleges

Browse the data by state, sector, and Carnegie classification and break out salaries by institution, rank, and gender.


What College Presidents Make

Use The Chronicle’s interactive database to see how much top public-college presidents earned in 2014. And track executive compensation at public and private colleges as far back as 2008.




Data Visualization: Foundation Support for Higher Education Shares Goals, Recipients

The breadth and quantity of money granted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to higher-education projects vastly outweighs the amounts granted by the two other key supporters of higher-education reform: the Lumina Foundation and The Kresge Foundation. This graphic digs into the foundations' grants from 2006 through 2011.



8 Things You Should Know About MOOCs

Explore an exclusive interactive tool, based on data released by edX, that provides fresh insights about who takes massive open online courses.



Who Will Reach College Age in the Next 14 Years?

With the population becoming less white and moving toward the southwest of the United States, where will colleges find the next generation of college students? This interactive tool lets users explore the demographic shifts that will change the makeup of American colleges, from the national level down to the more than 3,000 counties.



Table: Where Does Your Freshman Class Come From?

An analysis of first-year college students shows three states stand out for attracting out-of-state students: Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts.


Recent Private Gifts to Higher Education (June 2017)

The largest gift on the list was for unrestricted use, but the others were devoted to specific purposes, like the teaching of entrepreneurship.


Recent Private Gifts to Higher Education (May 2017)

The largest gift was half a billion dollars, left by bequest to the University of California at San Francisco. Other major gifts, of $100 million each, went to Colby College Museum of Art and Santa Clara University.


Colleges With the Highest Average Pay for Full Professors, 2015-16

Public institutions that paid their full professors the most in 2015-16 tended to be in states with high costs of living.



Backgrounds and Beliefs of College Freshmen

For more than five decades, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles have surveyed the nation’s incoming freshmen to learn more about their backgrounds, views, and expectations. Use this interactive graphic to see how their attitudes and self-images have changed since the 1960s.


AAU Members With the Greatest Diversity Among Tenure-Track Hires, Fall 2015

The University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Pennsylvania led other Association of American Universities members in diversity of new tenure-track teaching faculty.


Colleges Whose Undergraduates Borrowed the Most in Federal Loans in 2014-15

Columbia University ranked second-highest among four-year nonprofit institutions in the average amount borrowed by each undergraduate who took out federal student loans in 2014-15.