Same Time, Many Locations: Online Education Goes Back to Its Origins

Decades after colleges embraced courses that students could take at their own pace, the trend is toward synchrony once again.


Why More Colleges Are Emulating Deals Like the ASU-Starbucks Alliance

Student-acquisition costs are lower and retention rates are higher for institutions that team up with companies to give tuition discounts to workers.



MIT Master’s Program to Use MOOCs as ‘Admissions Test’

Students who do well in a series of free online courses will enhance their chances of being accepted into a supply-chain-management program on the campus.



8 Things You Should Know About MOOCs

Explore an exclusive interactive tool, based on data released by edX, that provides fresh insights about who takes massive open online courses.



Former Kaplan Chief's Firm Buys Online-Course Company

The investment firm run by Jonathan Grayer has bought Learning House, which works with nonprofit colleges to develop online degree programs.



Teaching Online From 'Mortaritaville' in Iraq

Amid dust storms and incoming mortar rounds, an economics professor serving in Iraq kept her classes going in North Dakota by teaching online.


'Gross Academic Fraud' Reported at U. of Texas at Brownsville

Students and other employees in the university's distance-education office misused the Blackboard course-management system to obtain test answers, a campus police investigation found.


Online Education: Growing, but Painfully

Evolve or dissolve. That advice played out in two recent news stories about the growing pains of colleges' online-education programs.


Professors Regard Online Instruction as Less Effective Than Classroom Learning

A majority of faculty members said in a survey that teaching online courses was burdensome and inadequately rewarded, and learning outcomes for students were inferior to the results of face-to-face instruction.


Gas Prices Drive Students to Online Courses

Fuel costs are booming -- and so is enrollment in distance education, as students try to avoid expensive commutes.


President of Apollo Group Inc. Resigns to Join Competing For-Profit Institution

The president, Brian Mueller, announced on Wednesday that he was leaving to take a similar post at Grand Canyon University, a smaller institution with aspirations to grow.


UMass Touts New Online Courses for China, but Official Approval May Not Come Easily

The institution announced that it will offer 40 online courses to students in China in the spring of 2009, but observers say that the program's online focus may not satisfy China's Ministry of Education.


Online Colleges Will Facilitate Comparisons of Their Programs

Ten institutions plan to reveal measures of student learning and graduates' success rates in their careers, among other data. Potential students can use the information to choose the program best for them.