Special Reports

The Challenge of the First-Generation Student

Colleges amp up efforts to retain them, but hurdles remain.


Special Reports

At Hamilton College, Top Administrators Were Themselves First-Generation Students

Hamilton College gives special consideration to students who break family barriers by pursuing a higher education.


Special Reports

At Illinois College, a Fellowship Helps Students Succeed

The program begins with a summer session for incoming freshmen and continues with special classes and social opportunities.


Special Reports

Student Mentors Keep High-Schoolers Engaged Through College

Near the border with Mexico, a program helps first-generation students pursue careers in the sciences.


Special Reports

Program Helps Students Navigate the Unfamiliar Terrain of College

Saint Mary’s College of California helps out when family issues, racial taunting, and other challenges threaten to derail an education.


Special Reports

Campus Child Care, a ‘Critical Student Benefit,’ Is Disappearing

At community colleges, 30 percent of students are parents, and the availability of care can make or break their educational dreams.


Special Reports

How a White Historian Nurtures Diverse Ph.D.’s

Virginia Yans, of Rutgers University, talks about her enjoyment in working with candidates from a range of backgrounds.


Special Reports

Singing the First-Generation Blues

For some students, college is a portal from one social class to another, and the transition can be rough.


Special Reports

The Double Life of a Blue-Collar Scholar

The professor with all the degrees used to be a girl with gritty nails who worked at the factory.


Special Reports

Let’s Help First-Generation Students Succeed

Too often, colleges take their tuition money, then leave them floundering.

Special Reports

Spreading the Riches of Study Abroad

Such programs could be more sensitive to low-income and other students who haven't traveled much.

Special Reports

Don't Overlook Transfer Students

A first-generation college student, now in graduate school at Yale, transferred from a community college in California to Amherst.

Special Reports

Mentors Matter

The ability to overcome challenges is often framed as individual achievement when it’s anything but.