Small Colleges Risk a Turn to Private Capital to Build Housing

For cash-strapped institutions that want to increase enrollment, such deals can be a boon. But if done poorly they could leave colleges "stuck with an albatross."



For Small Colleges, Some Maintenance Can No Longer Be Deferred

The costs can be high, but, as one president puts it, repairing campus facilities says a lot to parents and prospective students about how much a college cares about itself.


The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing

Tennessee universities may soon join the ranks of institutions that privatize the management, maintenance, and security of their buildings.



On This Campus, Chicken Tenders Are a Teaching Tool

The moral compass of education at Lebanon Valley College, in Pennsylvania, points to the dining hall.



As Boston Eyes the 2024 Olympics, Its Colleges See a Chance for Growth

The public is sharply divided on whether the city should bid for the Games. But many of the region’s institutions are all-in.


When Building Names Honor Racists, Universities Must Tread Carefully

At many Southern institutions, tackling the problem isn’t as simple as changing a name. It requires a reckoning with history.



2 Universities’ Vast Green-Energy Deal Will Also Save Millions of Dollars

American and George Washington Universities are teaming up to build one of the largest solar-energy arrays east of the Mississippi.



Less Is More: Campus Officials Trim Square Feet to Cut Costs

With stagnant state appropriations, administrators have to find efficiencies somewhere in a campus’s buildings.

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Fla. Southern College Finally Builds Faculty House Planned by Wright

Along with a renovated bungalow next door, the new building will serve as a visitors center for the college, which attracts thousands of Frank Lloyd Wright fans every year.


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Princeton U. Moves a Storied Train Station Farther From Its Users

The university says the move is necessary to accommodate a new arts district and improve access to a parking garage.


Buildings & Grounds

New Buildings Greet Students (Mostly Without Construction Fences)

Not every institution has seen its construction projects go according to plan. But as the academic year begins on many campuses, dozens of new facilities have opened nonetheless.

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Slide-Away Desk Saves Space and Money at U. of Cincinnati

Feel free to smack your head right now and wonder why no one in your housing office thought of this.

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Student-Housing Complex in Texas Promises 1-Gigabit Internet Speeds

A private developer and a network-service provider are teaming up to offer the superfast connections in a new 17-story complex that can accommodate 750 students.


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The Top 10 College Towns? Depends When You Ask

Apparently emphasizes different criteria every year because 2012's list was markedly different from this year's. College Station, Tex., for instance—thumbs up or thumbs down?

Buildings & Grounds

Revisiting Green Roofs, Firm Finds Surprises (and Daisy Fleabane)

Alongside the four species planted originally, the green roof of one Cornell University building had 54 other kinds of plants, including spotted sandmat, mouse-ear chickweed, and October-skies aster.