Will Higher Education Be ‘Trumped’ by State Lawmakers?

The president-elect has called for rolling back many of the college-related regulations enacted under President Obama. State lawmakers may feel compelled to follow or reject the new administration’s lead.



Blocked Overtime Rule Sows Uncertainty for Colleges

A federal judge’s injunction has forced institutions to either postpone pay increases and adjustments to hourly employment status or proceed as planned — even though the changes may be moot.



Why Most Secretaries of Education Haven’t Had a Higher-Ed Background

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s pick to head the Education Department, has no track record in higher education. But that’s hardly unusual over the post’s short history.



White Supremacist Describes Goals of His 'Richard Spencer Danger Tour’ to Campuses

A founder of the alt-right believes motherhood is more important for women than careers, wants to see European-American student groups at colleges, and would deport the undocumented.



Republican Congress Is Likely to Alter Higher-Ed Policy

President-elect Donald J. Trump has shown relatively little interest in academe, and his pick for education secretary has focused on charter schools. That leaves opportunities for some familiar players in Washington.



What Does Betsy DeVos Have in Mind for Higher Ed?

Donald Trump’s choice for education secretary has well-established views on elementary and secondary education, but virtually no track record on higher education. Friends and observers say her support for school choice may provide clues to her vision.



For Jittery Academics, Trump’s Education Transition Chief May Bring Calm

In a long Education Department career, James Manning has been known as a steady hand without partisan proclivities.



How Race and College Intersected in the Election

White support for Donald Trump plunged by 18 percentage points if voters had earned a college degree. Why?



A Year Before Public-Service Loan Forgiveness Kicks In, Uncertainty Looms

The first wave of borrowers in a program meant to steer students toward public-service jobs will see their debt wiped away next fall. But neither borrowers nor government officials have a good sense of what to expect.



Could Colleges Become Sanctuaries for Undocumented Immigrants?

Students at dozens of colleges are demanding that their institutions become "sanctuary campuses" in response to the election of Donald J. Trump. College officials are weighing their options.



Awaiting Trump, Scientists Are Caught Between Hope and Fear

The president-elect has alarmed researchers from abroad and, at times, rejected the scientific consensus on climate change and on vaccines. But he has also offered support for the federal role in funding research.


Yes, You’re Right, Colleges Are Liberal Bubbles. Here’s the Data.

In 49 counties that are home to public flagship universities, only eight favored Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton, according to a Chronicle analysis of voting data.



A Humbling of Higher Ed

The president-elect's resonant skewering of elites, political correctness, and immigration policy resonates with the country’s longstanding skepticism of academe.



In 2 College Towns, Ambivalence About the College Route

Those who’ve spent their lives on campuses might shake their heads in disbelief at voters on the other side of the education divide. Yet how many academic types really know their neighbors?



What a Michigan County’s Switch to Trump Says About the Limits of Higher Education

Macomb County voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Despite the local community college’s model work-force-training programs, many residents feel the economy has passed them by. In 2016 the county went for Donald Trump — helping tip the election in his favor.



On Election Night, Colleges Watch as a Glass Ceiling Stays Put

Hillary Clinton’s supporters, at her alma mater and elsewhere, began Tuesday evening ready to celebrate. As their watch parties closed down, the mood had turned to despair.



Wayward Polls and Governors’ Races: Other Notes From a Tumultuous Election Night

Several other electoral results could have implications for higher education. Here's a look at a few of them.



Trump’s Surprise Victory Sends Shock Through Higher Ed

Donald Trump’s abrasive presidential campaign angered many people in academe. His upset win raises questions about higher education’s place amid a tide of anti-intellectualism.



A Stunning Upset

Donald J. Trump won election as the 45th president of the United States in an astonishing upset of Hillary Clinton, a Democrat who had long led her Republican rival in the polls. Here is extended coverage of the unexpected result of their contest, and news and commentary about the coming Trump administration.



A Clinton Presidency Could Heighten a Divide Among Progressives in Higher Ed

The Democratic nominee’s calls for free college and student-loan refinancing are natural winners on the left, which still has plenty of disagreement about her priorities.



What if a President Really Did Shut Down the Dept. of Education?

Conservative politicians have had the agency in their cross hairs since the day it was founded, and for now, at least, Donald Trump is carrying the torch. Here are a few scenarios to contemplate.



Little-Loved by Scholars, Trump Also Gets Little of Their Cash

The Republican candidate for president has raised a tiny fraction of the campaign donations from higher-ed employees that the previous two Republican nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain, pulled in.



Hillary Clinton and Higher Ed

Hillary Clinton has a long record of policy positions of importance to higher education, although some of those stances have changed over time. Here's a look at them.