Vocal Critic of Office for Civil Rights Is Likely to Lead It

Strong foes of the Education Department’s recent handling of Title IX and race-based discrimination are seen as the Trump administration’s top candidates for assistant secretary for civil rights.



How Much Power Does Betsy DeVos Really Hold to Shake Up Higher Ed?

Many of the new secretary’s critics have worried about what she might do, but most education secretaries have left a limited mark on higher education. Here’s why.



What Reality TV Taught Trump, According to Professors Who Study It

Scholars of the genre say hosting The Apprentice taught President Trump about the power of spectacle and self-promotion.



Trump’s Focus on Black Colleges May Seem Unexpected, but the Conversation Started Months Ago

HBCU leaders say the attention is welcome, but they are moving cautiously to ensure the focus is on helping students, not scoring political points.



U.S. Closure of Animal-Use Database Alarms Both Scientists and Protesters

Academics are among those who say the move reduces public accountability and unfairly suggests that researchers have something to hide.



State Lawmakers Seek to Force Public Colleges to Protect Speech Rights

New bills try to put new pressure on the colleges to uphold the First Amendment. In two states, legislators want to require such institutions to punish students who attempt to shout down speakers.



Court Rebukes Trump’s Travel Ban, and Harm to Universities Plays a Key Role

A panel of appellate judges affirmed that states have legal standing to challenge the executive order, specifically because of its impact on students and researchers at their public universities.



Betsy DeVos Survived a Historic Confirmation Fight. What’s Next for Higher Ed?

Some experts wonder how much lawmakers will be able to get done on higher education, given their competing priorities and the bitterness over the new secretary’s selection.


Universities Spoke Up in Case That Led to Ruling Halting Trump’s Travel Ban

The University of Washington, Washington State University, and the community and technical colleges of Washington all submitted statements to the court about how the ban was affecting them.



Trump Can’t Cut Off Berkeley’s Funds by Himself. His Threat Still Raised Alarm.

The president’s response to violent protests at the University of California at Berkeley drew criticism from many people in academe. It also made clear that universities need to tread carefully in free-speech controversies.


Jerry Falwell’s New Higher-Ed Task Force Could Take Cues From a Private-College Association’s Playbook

A policy memo cited by the Liberty University president highlights several areas deemed ripe for deregulation in higher education.


Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He Will Lead Federal Task Force on Higher-Ed Policy

The focus of the group, the Liberty University president says, will be to respond to “overreaching regulation” and micromanagement by the U.S. Department of Education.



Why Trump’s Billionaire Nominee Has Awakened Such Fierce Opposition

Betsy DeVos, a school-choice advocate, has the Senate’s Republican majority on her side. The education establishment is another matter.



The Battle Lines Over Betsy DeVos

The nominee for education secretary faces bitter opposition from teachers’ unions and civil-rights groups, but is backed by prominent Republicans and others seeking to overhaul public schools.


A ‘Shot Over the Bow’: Groups Respond to Reported Plan to Cut Arts and Humanities Endowments

A newspaper’s report that the president-elect planned to eliminate the two federal cultural endowments sparked widespread alarm.



Trump Asks Francis Collins to Remain NIH Director, at Least for Now

The National Institutes of Health released a statement saying the longtime head of the agency "has been held over by the Trump administration." But it was unclear whether that status was temporary or permanent.



DeVos Takes Center Stage: Highlights From Her Confirmation Hearing

The education-secretary nominee avoided specifics as senators pressed for her positions on issues including student debt, regulations on for-profit-colleges, and Title IX.



5 Things to Know About Betsy DeVos

A primer on President-elect Donald J. Trump’s pick for education secretary, whose confirmation hearings begin today.



On Eve of Trump Inaugural, Harvard Official Takes Key Title IX Post at Education Dept.

Mia Karvonides will advise top people at the department’s Office for Civil Rights and will help enforce the federal gender-equity law.



Despite Risk of Backlash, Texas Politicians Advance a ‘Bathroom Bill’ Like North Carolina’s

The state is one of several where legislation has been introduced that would restrict transgender people’s bathroom choice.


Here Are the Programs That Failed the Gainful-Employment Rule

High-profile institutions with programs that ran afoul of the Education Department's new regulation include Harvard University, the Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Southern California.



DeVos Moves From Wealthy Outsider to Cabinet Insider

Trump’s nominee for education secretary has a long history of wielding influence outside of government and behind the scenes.



Awaiting a State Budget, Illinois Colleges Adapt and Hope

As government-relations officials for the state’s public institutions prepare for another year of financial uncertainty, their jobs are changing.