Graduate Students

Opening Doors for the Ph.D.

Colleges are making curricular changes to get doctoral students in the humanities better prepared for careers outside academe.


Graduate Students

Helping History Ph.D.s Expand Their Job Options

The head of the American Historical Association says departments should integrate communication, collaboration, and three other "basic skills" into their programs.

Graduate Students

5 Ways to Broaden the Doctoral Curriculum

Examples of how some departments and professors are tweaking the  curriculum.


Graduate Students

Opening Doors for the Ph.D

Ph.D.Colleges make curricular changes to better prepare humanities doctoral students for careers outside academe.


Graduate Students

How Hard Is It for a University to Revoke a Ph.D.?

The case of a Trump aide who bowed out of a White House post after reports that she had plagiarized parts of her dissertation raises questions about what actions an institution can take.


Graduate Students

A New Panel Tackles a Familiar Challenge: How to Make the Ph.D. Serve a Broader Need

Graduate programs in the sciences serve faculty members, universities, and research agencies very well, says the leader of a committee convened by the National Academies. But too often, students and employers don’t come out ahead.

Graduate Students

Economic Realities Have Altered Ph.D. Recipients’ Plans for Future

The share of doctorate earners taking jobs in academe continues to decline, and postdoctoral study remains a fallback for many facing a tough job market.


Graduate Students

Graduate-Student Union Efforts Gain Momentum, Despite New Uncertainties

A landslide pro-union vote at Columbia is likely to motivate similar drives at other private colleges. But the legal support for collective bargaining will be less certain under a Trump administration.


Graduate Students

Union Organizer

Julie Kushner guided graduate students behind the scenes as they challenged private colleges.

Graduate Students

New Insights on What Psychologically Rattles Graduate Students

Groundbreaking research links anxiety and depression to discrimination or financial woes among the students. Fields that are highly competitive or that subjectively measure performance may breed distress.


Graduate Students

Yale Graduate Students’ ‘Microunit’ Unionization Strategy Could Have Nationwide Implications

Administrators at the university oppose a move to organize unions at the department level, and a regional labor-board director will decide whether the effort can proceed.


Graduate Students

When a Grad Student Called on Black Academics to Vent, Hundreds Answered

A Northwestern University graduate student invited other academics on Twitter to air examples of racism and microaggressions in higher education. Here’s what he says is driving him.


Graduate Students

With Campus Carry in Place, Some Texas Grad Students Make Bars Their Offices

Under the new law, offices can be declared gun-free only if they’re single-occupancy. That leaves out most graduate students, so some are turning to other spaces where guns remain off-limits.


Graduate Students

NYU’s Grad-Student Union Succeeded. Cornell’s Flopped. Why?

Comparing a pair of grad-union votes from more than a decade ago can provide valuable context for the collective-bargaining fights expected this year.


Graduate Students

Stresses on Doctoral Programs May Be Taking a Toll on Applications, Data Suggest

A survey by the Council of Graduate Schools found a 4.3-percent decrease in applications from 2014 to 2015. Whether that represents a blip or a trend remains to be seen.


Graduate Students

For Research Assistants, NLRB Decision Marks a Big Win

Teaching assistants weren’t the only ones celebrating the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling in the Columbia University graduate-unionization case.


Graduate Students

A New Era for Grad-Student Organizing

Changing realities in higher education and the broad scope of a new decision by the National Labor Relations Board are feeding a growing appetite among graduate students to fight for better working conditions.


Graduate Students

NYU’s Graduate Union: Success Story or Cautionary Tale?

The NLRB’s ruling on Tuesday, that graduate students are employees, prompts a look back at the labor-union battle that started it all.


Graduate Students

Ruling Pushes Door to Grad-Student Unions ‘Wide Open’

The National Labor Relations Board’s decision in a case involving Columbia University has made clear that graduate-employee unions are legal at private colleges. Experts predict a surge in organizing similar to what has taken place among adjuncts.


Graduate Students

Why Colleges Still Scarcely Track Ph.D.s

A lack of resources and an unwillingness to confront reality may hold institutions back, but like students, they may also benefit from studying postdoctoral career paths.


Graduate Students

At an All-Science Institution, LGBTQ Students Take Visibility Into Their Own Hands

Members of Prism, or People at Rockefeller Identifying as Sexual Minorities, say they founded the group to shed light on the particular challenges they face in the sciences.


Graduate Students

Grants Seek to Foster a Culture Change in Humanities Graduate Education

With help from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other groups, some colleges are experimenting with ideas for reorienting the humanities Ph.D. to today’s job market.

Graduate Students

How Minority Students' Experiences Differ: What Research Reveals

For one thing, they are more likely to want careers that serve their communities.