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With Campus Carry in Place, Some Texas Grad Students Make Bars Their Offices

Under the new law, offices can be declared gun-free only if they’re single-occupancy. That leaves out most graduate students, so some are turning to other spaces where guns remain off-limits.


Graduate Students

NYU’s Grad-Student Union Succeeded. Cornell’s Flopped. Why?

Comparing a pair of grad-union votes from more than a decade ago can provide valuable context for the collective-bargaining fights expected this year.


Graduate Students

Stresses on Doctoral Programs May Be Taking a Toll on Applications, Data Suggest

A survey by the Council of Graduate Schools found a 4.3-percent decrease in applications from 2014 to 2015. Whether that represents a blip or a trend remains to be seen.


Graduate Students

For Research Assistants, NLRB Decision Marks a Big Win

Teaching assistants weren’t the only ones celebrating the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling in the Columbia University graduate-unionization case.


Graduate Students

A New Era for Grad-Student Organizing

Changing realities in higher education and the broad scope of a new decision by the National Labor Relations Board are feeding a growing appetite among graduate students to fight for better working conditions.


Graduate Students

NYU’s Graduate Union: Success Story or Cautionary Tale?

The NLRB’s ruling on Tuesday, that graduate students are employees, prompts a look back at the labor-union battle that started it all.


Graduate Students

Ruling Pushes Door to Grad-Student Unions ‘Wide Open’

The National Labor Relations Board’s decision in a case involving Columbia University has made clear that graduate-employee unions are legal at private colleges. Experts predict a surge in organizing similar to what has taken place among adjuncts.


Graduate Students

Why Colleges Still Scarcely Track Ph.D.s

A lack of resources and an unwillingness to confront reality may hold institutions back, but like students, they may also benefit from studying postdoctoral career paths.


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At an All-Science Institution, LGBTQ Students Take Visibility Into Their Own Hands

Members of Prism, or People at Rockefeller Identifying as Sexual Minorities, say they founded the group to shed light on the particular challenges they face in the sciences.


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Grants Seek to Foster a Culture Change in Humanities Graduate Education

With help from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other groups, some colleges are experimenting with ideas for reorienting the humanities Ph.D. to today’s job market.

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How Minority Students' Experiences Differ: What Research Reveals

For one thing, they are more likely to want careers that serve their communities.


Graduate Students

What Minority-Serving Institutions Can Teach Other Colleges

They know a lot about creating a sense of belonging for people from underrepresented groups, says Marybeth Gasman.

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In UCLA Shooter’s Motive, Echoes of an Age-Old Academic Fear

Mainak Sarkar’s unsupported claim that his professor, William Klug, stole his work reflects a common anxiety that has led to resentment and lawsuits elsewhere.


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Building a Better ‘Bridge’ to the Ph.D.

An HBCU works with a top research university to help minority students transition from the master’s.


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How Colleges Help Foreign Grad Students With Their Teaching

Language apps, cultural lessons, and theater skills are enlisted in getting international grad students more comfortable in front of the classroom.


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Diversifying a Discipline

What one cohort of black female Ph.D.s in philosophy says about the challenges facing academe as it tries to be more inclusive.


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Ph.D.s Embrace Alternative Dissertations. The Job Market May Not.

More colleges are allowing dissertations to take digital or other nontraditional forms, but students need to prepare for the career consequences.


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Science-Diversity Efforts Connect Grad Students With Mentors

The National Institutes of Health, for one, is building a national database to link minority students to informal advisers at other universities or within companies, with plans for training in "culturally responsive mentoring."


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Wisconsin Grad Students Want Pay Parity Across Disciplines

The university wants to allow departments to set the upper limit on stipends. But critics say the move violates a long-held principle at Madison of "equal pay for equal work."

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Dearth of Black Ph.D. Recipients Will Complicate Efforts to Diversify Faculty

Colleges face growing pressure to hire more minority professors, but the latest data show little progress in awarding more doctorates to black students.


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Surviving the Postdocalypse: Filling Your Knowledge Gaps

Learning to identify which skills you need for a nonacademic career — and how to acquire them — is a skill unto itself.


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How One College Became Ground Zero for Grad-Student Unionization

What began as a struggle for better working conditions at the New School now has implications for private universities nationwide.

Graduate Students

$3-Million Grant Puts Ph.D. Candidates in 2-Year-College Classrooms

Doctoral students from CUNY will teach humanities classes at a local community college, a move meant to prepare them for the country’s changing student population.