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A Sex-Assault Case Pits Privacy Against Transparency

Eli Capilouto, Kentucky’s president, stopped by The Chronicle's offices this week to talk about the case and the university’s broader efforts to create an environment where victims feel they can safely and confidentially report those crimes.



A White Supremacist Incites a Crowd at Texas A&M

While Richard B. Spencer goaded a sometimes raucous audience in the student center, hundreds gathered at a unity event across the street to oppose his racist rhetoric.



The Scholars Who Study the Alt-Right, a Movement Defined by White Supremacists

Professors tracking the fringe faction’s rise have gotten a lot more attention since Donald J. Trump won the presidency.

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Virginia Military Institute Defends Use of Coloring Sheets at Campus Event

The optional, annual "Reading Day" faced a backlash after a poster noted that it would offer coloring sheets to relieve stress.


Your Daily Briefing, a New Feature for Chronicle Subscribers

We've started a new email, for subscribers only, that briefs readers on everything they need to know in higher ed to start the day. Here's a sample.

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Education Dept. Approves Sale of U. of Phoenix Owner, With Strict Conditions

The department said it was requiring the buyers to post a letter of credit amounting to nearly $386 million.



What You Should Know About the Professor Who Has Trump’s Ear on the Economy

Peter Navarro, an economist in UC-Irvine’s business school, has positions on trade that few in his field share. But the president-elect is listening.



A Population in Flux Forces Colleges to Adapt

New projections of high-school graduates foresee a period of continued stagnation that threatens enrollments. In Pennsylvania, colleges are trying an array of strategies in response to those changes.



For Undocumented Students, Trump Adds New Risk to Study Abroad

Those traveling overseas are being advised to return before the president-elect takes office. If they don’t, they could be blocked from re-entering the United States.



Research Universities Hope Trump’s Infrastructure Plans Could Be a Boon to High-Speed Communications

The president-elect has focused mostly on brick-and-mortar projects like roads and bridges. Academics hope his administration will also dedicate new federal money to a better internet.



Executive Compensation at Private and Public Colleges

View compensation data on chief executives at public and private nonprofit colleges in the United States as far back as 2008. Newly updated with private-college compensation data for 2014.


Leadership & Governance

39 Private-College Leaders Earn More Than $1 Million

The Chronicle's annual analysis of executive compensation at the institutions finds that the average pay of their presidents in 2014 was $489,927.


Will Higher Education Be ‘Trumped’ by State Lawmakers?

The president-elect has called for rolling back many of the college-related regulations enacted under President Obama. State lawmakers may feel compelled to follow or reject the new administration’s lead.



Advice on Being Advised

How can you, as a new graduate student, start out on the right foot with your primary mentor?


Securing Your Data

Even at the busiest times of the year, it's worthwhile to take basic steps to secure your data. Here are some ways to get started.


Meeting the Challenge of Demographic Change

With enrollments flattening and the population becoming increasingly diverse, colleges must improve student support to ensure an educated work force.



Being a Scholar in Trumpian Times

The open exchange of ideas remains essential, as our new science-denying president prepares to take office.



From Bench Science to Patent Manager: An Interview with Jeremiah Mitzelfelt

"I wish I had been honest with myself earlier that I didn't actually want to be a PI."