A Preordained Presidential Pick Gives Rise to a New Governance Battle

Georgia’s university system skipped a formal search in selecting a controversial state politician to run Kennesaw State University. Professors are fighting the move to keep it from happening again.


Resident Assistants Find Themselves on the Front Lines of Title IX Compliance

College housing’s student workers have long been relied on to resolve roommate disputes, but the heightened enforcement of the federal gender-equity law has made them key reporters of sexual violence.


Leadership & Governance

Video: A Former West Point Official Helps Mount St. Mary’s Find Its Footing

Tim Trainor, interim president of the Roman Catholic institution in Maryland, says he needs to steady the ship, calm faculty fears, and rebuild trust after the tumultuous tenure of his predecessor.


Special Reports

When the Teaching Assistant Is a Robot

Artificial intelligence has become more widespread in higher education.


Special Reports

Next: The Innovation Issue

Nervousness over the economy and questions about the value of a college degree have contributed to growing expectations that colleges must make career services a priority. This special report on innovation examines some of the career-counseling efforts underway — by colleges, start-ups, and collaborations between the two. See the entire issue here. 


Special Reports

Shadow Those Students, for Their Own Good

This is how colleges — and their students — can benefit from the findings of user-experience teams.



Bill Bowen: Man of Achievement

He never stopped caring, and he never stopped being the most thoughtful and articulate voice on a host of issues central to our educational system and our civic life.



William Bowen, Influential Higher-Ed Thinker and President of Princeton and Mellon, Dies at 83

The former head of a top university and leading foundation in the arts also was a powerful thinker on a range of academic issues, including affirmative action, athletics priorities, and technological change.


The Lasting Impact of William Bowen: An Appreciation

His influence on higher education reached far and wide. But in his later years, his work on two of his great interests — why students drop out, and how well educational technology works — cast an especially long shadow.



William Bowen on Higher Education

He was a higher-education economist who published a series of important books and reports on the challenges facing colleges. He also wrote frequently for The Chronicle. Here's a selection.

The Ticker

Faculty Strike Ends in Settlement at Pennsylvania's State-Owned Colleges

Union members, who had worked without a contract for more than a year, made concessions to reach a deal.



Admissions Offices Scramble to Comply With New Overtime Rule

An update to labor law requires colleges to give raises to some employees in the time-intensive field, pay them overtime, or scale back their hours.



To Improve Student Success, a University Confronts the Email Deluge

Michigan State University is rethinking how it communicates with students, especially those who are freshmen or the first in their families to go to college. Sending hundreds of emails isn’t the best way — but what is?

Special Reports

It’s Time to Change What We Mean by ‘Credential’

The way companies evaluate job candidates is evolving, and the certifications that liberal-arts colleges offer must evolve as well.

Lingua Franca

An Ill Wind That No One Blows Good

Geoff Pullum tracks the chaos of competing misattributions of a famous abusive description of a musical instrument.


Misleading for Koch Foundation to Call Pope Center Just a 'Local Nonprofit'

The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy has been closely aligned with various Koch network organizations.



Mountain Climbing and Dissertation Writing

What an Everest climber taught me about surviving the post-Ph.D. blues.



'Dear Forums ...': How Do I Create a Hiring Rubric?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: good extra-credit options for students and fair pay for department chairs.