Special Reports

When the Teaching Assistant Is a Robot

Artificial intelligence has become more widespread in higher education.



How 3 Colleges Are Hoping to Head Off the Specter of Costume Controversy

Asking students to reconsider Halloween costumes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes has placed some colleges under attack.



One University Asks: How Do You Promote Free Speech Without Alienating Students?

After a conservative speaker faced off with protesters at DePaul University last year, the campus’s leaders have struggled to find the right response.

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Education Dept. Details New Measures on How Defrauded Borrowers Can Seek Relief

Among other things, the new defense-to-repayment rules make it possible for loan forgiveness to be granted to groups of borrowers, rather than only to individuals one by one.

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Penn State Is Ordered to Pay $7.3 Million to Whistle-Blower in Sandusky Case

Mike McQueary reported seeing Jerry Sandusky sodomizing a boy in 2001. Mr. McQueary was fired after the Sandusky scandal erupted, in 2011.

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U. of South Florida Looks Into Sexual Harassment by Official at Prior Job

The university's hiring process is being called into question for the second time this year. Another administrator was fired in June for being "deceptive" in his job application.


Special Reports

‘Heat Maps’ Give Michigan State a New View of Campus Climate

Visualizations of survey responses show the university where its students feel they belong and where they don’t.



A Challenge for Mental-Health Experts: Should They Weigh In on Trump?

Psychiatrists have long abided by the "Goldwater rule," which bars them from offering professional opinions on public figures they have not examined in person. This year’s Republican nominee has some specialists wavering.



In Pennsylvania, the Strike Is Over, but the Challenges Remain

Limited funding and a narrowing pool of prospective students leave the state’s regional public institutions facing a difficult future.



Tuition and Fees, 1998-99 Through 2016-17

A table shows the "sticker prices" — published tuition and required fees — at more than 3,000 colleges and universities for the 2016-17 academic year. Click the institutions' names to see historical data back to 1998.



For Some Republicans, Trump’s Higher-Ed Proposals Reflect ‘Lost Opportunity’

The GOP presidential nominee floated a plan that surprised policy experts. Some of them lamented the lateness and the lack of substance of his ideas.


Graduate Students

When a Grad Student Called on Black Academics to Vent, Hundreds Answered

A Northwestern University graduate student invited other academics on Twitter to air examples of racism and microaggressions in higher education. Here’s what he says is driving him.



Basic Training for Higher Ed

Why colleges might look to the armed forces for guidance on serving low-income students.


Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not 'a Conservative Speaker'

Is The Chronicle equating hateful bigotry and conservatism?


To Foster Independent Thinking in Students, Don’t Use Military Model

Military culture enforces strict, traditional means of performing tasks, a rigid respect for authority, and a very narrow range of options once a recruit commits to a pathway.



Tom Hayden’s Reforms and Today’s Protesters

The '60s radical called on universities to be a humanizing force, liberating us to think and act in new ways. That’s a tough sell in 2016.



'Dear Forums ...': The Salary Seems Low. Is It Worth Applying Anyway?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: escaping a toxic department, sharing unpublished work with a mentor, and avoiding a major service role when you're untenured.



The Postdoctoral Bait and Switch

How to tell if a fellowship is a genuine career-development opportunity or a revolving door to nowhere.