Greasing the Retirement Wheel

How to help faculty members view retirement as an opportunity, not a threat.


A Guide to Navigate the Retirement Wilderness

For UCLA’s new faculty liaison, retiring "doesn’t mean you walk into the forest and die for the sake of the tribe."


Retirement Incentives

How to help faculty members view retirement as an opportunity, not a threat.


Faculty Strike Throws Pennsylvania’s State-Owned Colleges Into ‘Organized Chaos’

Years of close calls during collective bargaining led the 14-campus system to develop contingency plans in the event of a work stoppage. The test now is how well those plans will work.


Lessons From Long Island U.’s Faculty Lockout

Experts on labor negotiations say other colleges might want to think twice before replacing instructors to pre-empt a faculty strike.


A Disciplinary Association Aims to Rein In a ‘Chaotic’ Hiring Calendar

Adapting to a new era of online job postings and video interviews, the American Philosophical Association has issued a statement it hopes will restore a more-traditional shape to the job market.


When Recruiting Minority Faculty Members Isn't Enough

Hanging on to the people who agree to come aboard is a major challenge for many colleges.

Why Economists on the Academic Job Market Must Strike Quickly

Tenure-track jobs in the field tend to go to scholars who have just earned, or are wrapping up, their Ph.D.s. Here's a look at the data from Vitae's JobTracker project.

A Vague Job Posting, Made Infamous Online, Angers Faculty at Cornell U.

A group of department chairs complained to deans over the advertisement, which sought "a tenure-track assistant professor in some area of the humanities or qualitative social sciences."

On the Academic Job Market, Does Patience Pay Off?

Some advisers say young scholars should expect to spend several years looking for tenure-track positions; others emphasize the need to strike quickly. Vitae's JobTracker project tries to get a read on the reality.

Cornell’s Pitch to Humanities and Social-Sciences Ph.D.s: All of You, Apply Here

The university has advertised a tenure-track position that is open-discipline and open-department, prompting speculation that the listing is a hoax. Here's the real story.


Cooperation or Collusion? Lawsuit Accuses Duke and UNC of Faculty Non-Poaching Deal

The suit, filed by a professor who says she was told that moves between the universities are "not permitted," suggests that official policies against competition put institutions in legal peril.

History Jobs Dip for a Second Consecutive Year

The author of the American Historical Association's report finds the latest figures "especially disconcerting."

Colleges Must Embrace Workplace Flexibility in Practice, Not Just on Paper, Leaders Say

Campuses that are family-friendly in name only will be at a disadvantage in hiring, presidents said at a conference on issues of work-life balance.

The State of the Academic Job Market, by Discipline

See a collection of the latest job-market reports issued by major scholarly associations.

For Adjuncts Who Take a Role in Contract Talks, Job Protection Is Rare

Adjuncts can come to the bargaining table, speakers at a conference on academic labor said, but doing so can cost them their jobs.

MLA Sessions Keep the Focus on Adjuncts

A panel discussion and a speech by the association's president emphasize the problems faced by instructors off the tenure track.


As Michigan Becomes a 'Right to Work' State, College Unions Plan Next Moves

The laws take effect within months, but restrictions on how unions collect dues will not apply to local units until their current contracts expire.

'Metro' Unionizing Strategy Is Viewed as a Means to Empower Adjunct Faculty

Speakers at a forum praised a strategy being tried in Washington, D.C., that seeks to rally local support for adjuncts and turn market forces to their advantage.


Group of Professors Seeks to Decertify Faculty Union at Montana State U.

The three-year-old union represents tenured and tenure-track faculty. Leaders of a decertification drive say the union's costs outweigh any benefits it provides.

How We Conducted the Survey

How we conduct the Great Colleges to Work For survey, plus explanations of each of the 12 recognition categories for colleges.


The Pay's Not Always Great, but Academe Has Its Benefits

Extras like tuition reimbursement make a big difference for many workers in higher education.

At Great Colleges, Respect Is a Crucial Benefit

As a slow national economy delays or shrinks raises, intangible benefits grow in value to employees, according to The Chronicle's 2012 'Great Colleges to Work For' survey.