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Video: How One Institution Went From a Vocational School to a University

The United States needs more-inclusive campuses, where students can complete one credential and move on to the next, says Matthew S. Holland, president of Utah Valley University, which now offers several master’s programs but isn’t embarrassed by its vocational ethos.



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How to Produce Students Who Can Change the World

Robert Sternberg shares his vision for "what universities can be."


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Video: What the Black Lives Matter Movement Means for Historically Black Colleges

The group's protests against racism at predominantly white colleges have led to a different set of conversations on historically black campuses, says Walter M. Kimbrough, president of Dillard University.


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The Legal Settlement That Helped Put the U. of Louisville’s Board in Limbo

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky has drawn intense scrutiny for his efforts to remake the university’s leadership. But the controversy that recently hamstrung the board has deeper roots than the governor’s actions.


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What It’s Like to Be Interim President — Again

The current interim leaders of Baylor, Cornell, and Temple are all in their second go-round in that job on their campuses. Here’s a look at some of the challenges they face.


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Video: Top U.S. Higher-Education Official Says Innovation Will Best Serve the ‘New Normal’ Students

Ted Mitchell visited The Chronicle’s newsroom to talk about the Education Department’s role in promoting innovation and change, and ways the legacy of that work could endure after the Obama administration.


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With a Sudden Vacuum at the Top, What’s Next for Berkeley?

The abrupt announcement on Tuesday that Nicholas B. Dirks will step down as chancellor leaves professors and others wondering how the campus will pick up the pieces.

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State Higher-Education Officials Wrestle With Calls for Diversity and Inclusion

Expecting more student protests this fall, leaders discuss ways they can promote a goal of their own: making diversity and inclusion part of the fabric of their institutions.


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After an Unusually Public Clash of System and Campus Chiefs, UC-Davis Surveys the Damage

In a battle where neither would back down, faculty members find fault in both Linda Katehi, who resigned this week as chancellor at Davis, and Janet Napolitano, the system's president.


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The 5 Missteps That Toppled Linda Katehi

The embattled chancellor of the University of California at Davis resigned Tuesday as the system released its investigation into accusations that she had engaged in nepotism, unauthorized service on corporate boards, and extraordinary efforts to manipulate social-media.


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‘The Serena Williams of Fund Raising’

Amid the tech boom, John Hennessy’s special touch closed one big deal after another for Stanford.


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In Leadership Fight at U. of Louisville, Uncertainty Reigns

The university’s leaders were already mired in controversy when the governor tried to shake up the board. Now that a judge has halted that effort, questions about who’s really in charge are only growing louder.

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Texas Begins Allowing Guns on Campuses on Monday. Here’s What Public Colleges Are Saying.

The communication strategies for those institutions take on added urgency now that "campus carry" is law and students will start coming back for the new academic year.


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The Slow-Motion Downfall of Linda Katehi

With her job on the line and Janet Napolitano on the case, the University of California at Davis’s chancellor can’t resist a fight.


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Video: Damming Student Debt: One Liberal-Arts College’s Approach

Sheila Bair, president of Washington College, in Maryland, says it’s been too easy for colleges to raise tuition because it’s been too easy for students to borrow money, and that has created a drag on the economy.



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The Katehi Years at UC-Davis

The years since Linda P.B. Katehi became chancellor of the University of California at Davis, in 2009, have been marked by controversy and conflict. Here's a look at her record.


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Why an HBCU Leader Felt Compelled to Speak Out on Race and Policing

John Silvanus Wilson Jr., president of Morehouse College, wrote a widely cited essay for The Huffington Post about an incident in which he was stopped by the police "for no apparent reason." He hopes his experience is instructive to a new generation of black men.


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When a Board Fires a President Who Fired a Provost

The leadership shake-up at Temple University, where the Board of Trustees is moving to dismiss Neil D. Theobald, is a story of shifting blame and questions of financial mismanagement.


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Video: Adapting in Tough Times

Allison Garrett, president of Emporia State University, in Kansas, talks about how her institution is dealing with a challenging state budget.

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When a Chancellor Blocks a Student on Twitter

The blocking, then unblocking, of a student by the chancellor at East Carolina University demonstrates how quickly college leaders can find themselves taking heat online.


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Video: The Challenges Facing Low-Income Female Students

Being a low-income student is difficult, but it’s even more difficult if you’re also a woman. Barbara Gault, executive director of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, says colleges’ schedules and services have long catered to traditional, childless students. They should change to accommodate a new student population.

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Gay College Leaders Reflect on Barriers, and How Far They’ve Come

LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education held its second annual conference in the wake of a mass shooting that targeted gay Americans. Even in the aftermath of that tragedy, some members saw encouraging signs.


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Video: N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Discriminatory

Randy Woodson, chancellor of North Carolina State University, says a controversial law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates is discriminatory and could damage his campus's standing in the scholarly community.