What the 21st-Century Library Looks Like

In the internet age, librarians are focusing less on books and more on teaching. Is something getting lost in the transition?


At Librarians' Meeting, Information Is Championed—but Not Always Books

After hearing high praise from the performer Henry Rollins, librarians delved into discussions of the library's changing role in the academic enterprise.



Storm Damage at NYU Library Offers Lessons for Disaster Planning in the Stacks

In an era of supersize disasters like Hurricane Sandy, academic libraries need to be ready for more than just burst-pipe scenarios.



A Professor Helps Raise a Library in His Native Zambia

Virginians give the gift of reading to a Bridgewater College professor's home village.



Libraries Abandon Expensive 'Big Deal' Subscription Packages to Multiple Journals

The budget-induced elimination of some journals hasn't left faculty furious or led to penalties from publishers, librarians say.



U. of Nebraska Receives Major Donation of Willa Cather Material

The collection, left to the university by a nephew of Cather's, includes a key fragment from an unfinished final novel, and documents related to her work and life.


Librarians Put Increasing Value on Their Role in Support of Student Learning

But scholars are less likely to view the library as a teaching partner, according to a new survey unveiled at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference.


College Librarians Look at Better Ways to Measure the Value of Their Services

Instead of the usual data, libraries could collect information on what their users really need or how much they save scholars on citations, said conference speakers.


Cornell U. Library Takes a Stand With Journal Vendors: Prices Will Be Made Public

Public universities have been in the vanguard of the push for more openness in licensing terms. Cornell's move lends support from a major private institution.


Librarians Put Their Trust in Patrons

Users ought to have a say in what a library acquires because they know best what materials they need and want, said speakers at a recent conference.



Reader Choice, Not Vendor Influence, Reshapes Library Collections

College librarians are testing a different and, they say, more efficient mechanism for purchasing library materials: patron-driven acquisition.


4 Very Different Futures Are Imagined for Research Libraries

Will research entrepreneurs drive the research agenda in 2030? Or will information be ubiquitous and of little value? Librarians consider the possibilities.


A Tool Kit to Help Academic Librarians Demonstrate Their Value

A new report from the Association of College and Research Libraries suggests using data to show what libraries contribute to their institutions.


Overdue at the Library: Good Guides on How to Use It

Academic librarians, at the American Library Association's annual meeting, learn that users don't understand the resources they have available.



Pulling Haiti's Culture From the Rubble

The chief conservator of one of the stricken nation's major libraries is working with Brown University and others to save a part of his people's cultural patrimony.



Libraries Explore Big Ideas to Overcome Small Budgets

Steep cuts and shrinking staffs are inspiring libraries to find innovative, collaborative ways to handle collections and share costs.


In Face of Professors' 'Fury,' Syracuse U. Library Will Keep Books on Shelves

Two hundred people attended a University Senate meeting to discuss ways to avoid sending part of the library's print collection to storage.


Research Librarians Discuss How to Sell Scholars on Open Access, and More

Debates over access to government information and scholarly journals took place last week at the membership meeting of the Association of Research Libraries.


College Library Directors Protest 'Scientific American' Price Jump

Many liberal-arts-college librarians are among the signers of a letter to the Nature Publishing Group that says the 2010 price to institutions of the popular magazine is too high.



Found in a Library Basement: Letters Home From World War II Soldiers

Librarians at Bryant University discovered 1,400 forgotten letters from World War II soldiers, surprising everyone -- not least the men who wrote them.