Special Reports

When the Teaching Assistant Is a Robot

Artificial intelligence has become more widespread in higher education.


Special Reports

Next: The Innovation Issue

Nervousness over the economy and questions about the value of a college degree have contributed to growing expectations that colleges must make career services a priority. This special report on innovation examines some of the career-counseling efforts underway — by colleges, start-ups, and collaborations between the two. See the entire issue here. 


Special Reports

Shadow Those Students, for Their Own Good

This is how colleges — and their students — can benefit from the findings of user-experience teams.

Special Reports

For Real Academic Disruption, Try Empathy

What if, in the next wave of innovation in online learning, colleges tried to provide what students really needed?


Special Reports

‘Heat Maps’ Give Michigan State a New View of Campus Climate

Visualizations of survey responses show the university where its students feel they belong and where they don’t.

Special Reports

Latino Success Stories Can Help All Students

The group Excelencia in Education recognizes programs that benefit Latino students. Those practices could help others, too.

Special Reports

Want Breakthroughs That Last? Consider Your Business Model

Colleges too often plunge into innovative strategies without thinking about how much they will cost.


Special Reports

Reinventing the Career Center

Today’s students expect more help finding a job than ever before. Colleges — and companies — are trying to help them design their futures.


Special Reports

The ‘Internet of Things’ Faces Practical and Ethical Challenges

An experiment at Carnegie Mellon U. hints at a new world of networked devices. But we’re not there yet.

Special Reports

It’s Time to Change What We Mean by ‘Credential’

The way companies evaluate job candidates is evolving, and the certifications that liberal-arts colleges offer must evolve as well.


Special Reports

3 Easy Ways to Embrace High-Impact Learning

Practices from the software-development world can be adapted to disrupt undergraduate education’s "seat time equals learning" model.



Basic Training for Higher Ed

Why colleges might look to the military for guidance on serving low-income students.

Special Reports

Ignore Ed Tech at Your Peril

What worked 20 years ago might not work now, and those methods will only become more precarious as our technologically infused future gradually arrives.


Special Reports

Colleges Must Reinvent Career Counseling

Higher education must show students how to adapt to the fast-evolving 21st-century economy before outside ventures step in and do it for them. Here’s where to start.

Special Reports

How Colleges Can Do Better at Helping Students Get Jobs

Examples from innovative colleges suggest that one key step in improving career prospects is for colleges and employers to collaborate in deeper ways.

Special Reports

If Emotion Aids Learning, Does It Work Online?

Research shows that powerful emotions like awe contribute to lasting knowledge. Two psychologists ask: Can those feelings be evoked from a distance?



One University Asks: How Do You Promote Free Speech Without Alienating Students?

After a conservative speaker faced off with protesters at DePaul University last year, the campus’s leaders have struggled to find the right response.



What You Need to Know About the Past 7 Days

The U. of Iowa’s electronic futures market doesn’t see much future for Donald Trump’s candidacy. Pennsylvania’s 14 state colleges see a strike by faculty members. And the College of New Rochelle’s president is shown the door.



What I'm Reading: ‘Breakpoint’

With the golden age of higher education over, a book argues, it’s important for each institution to differentiate itself.



A Mathematician Deals With Another Complex System

Robin Forman, Tulane University’s new provost, says math helped prepare him for the enormous intricacies at universities.



Selected New Books on Higher Education

The new titles cover such topics as the transformation of the faculty and student-affairs leadership.



2012: At UVa, a Presidency Restored

The tension between Teresa Sullivan and the governing board, which ousted and then reinstated her, went deeper than a clash of strong-willed figures.