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After a Tumultuous 7 Years, Teresa Sullivan Will Leave UVa

During her tenure as president, the university’s challenges were a microcosm of those facing institutions nationwide: sexual assault, racial climate, and strained relationships between campus leaders and governing boards.



Student Voices at the Women’s March

College students from coast to coast were among the hundreds of thousands of protestors on the streets of Washington, D.C. We met some of them and asked why they attended.



Taking It to the Streets at the Women’s March as ‘a Way of Learning’

A professor at Denison University, in Ohio, shepherded six busloads of students and others to Washington for a chaotic but thrilling experience of democracy in action.



The Idea That Launched a Thousand Strategic Plans

Many colleges seek to bridge the "skills gap," but no one really agrees on what it is, what institutions need to do about it, or if fixing it is even higher education’s job.



A Lab of Her Own

How colleges are retaining female undergraduates in engineering and computer science.



What I'm Reading: ‘The Quarter-Life Breakthrough’

A book by Adam Smiley Poswolsky opens up classroom discussions about the road to meaningful work.



What Many Colleges Need: a Driving Vision

Mark William Roche, a former dean, says universities can distinguish themselves by remedying higher education’s shortcomings.



Selected New Books on Higher Education

The latest topics include the value of liberal-arts education for prison inmates and why students resist learning.



‘This Is a Fight We Can Win’

A campus activist reflects on how sexual-assault survivors organized to change the discussion under the Obama administration and how they plan to meet the challenges under President Trump.



Female-Only ‘Nerd’ Dorm Helps Keep Women in Engineering

Virginia Tech’s living-learning community includes social activities and visits to high schools to help spur female interest in becoming an engineer.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (1/27/2017)

A vice president at a Virginia college will lead Pennsylvania State University at Wilkes Barre, and a former dean at a Russian university will be education dean at Sacramento State.




Scenes From the Women's March on Washington

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C. We went in search of connections to academe. Here are a few that we found.

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UVa President, Who Prevailed Over Bid to Oust Her, Will Step Down

Teresa A. Sullivan defeated an effort in 2012 to unseat her that was led by the rector of the Board of Visitors, Helen E. Dragas.



As Trump Takes Office, Artists Denounce Threats to Federal Support

Activists, writers, and others gathered for an inauguration-themed Peace Ball on the night before the new president took office.


A ‘Shot Over the Bow’: Groups Respond to Reported Plan to Cut Arts and Humanities Endowments

A newspaper’s report that the president-elect planned to eliminate the two federal cultural endowments sparked widespread alarm.



On a Bus to the Inauguration: Hope, Grief, and Fear for the Trump Era

Students traveling from Indiana State University to Washington shared their thoughts about the incoming president and Twitter, trust, and disruption in politics.

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Here's a Sampling of Inauguration Protests College Students Are Organizing Nationwide

Some students are traveling to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate against the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Others are taking action near their campuses.



Trump Asks Francis Collins to Remain NIH Director, at Least for Now

The National Institutes of Health released a statement saying the longtime head of the agency "has been held over by the Trump administration." But it was unclear whether that status was temporary or permanent.


Admissions & Student Aid

How Public Colleges Enhance Social Mobility (and Elite Colleges Often Don’t)

Hint: They view poor students as opportunities, not challenges.



Prof. Barack Obama Needs a New Job, So We Sent Around His Academic Résumé

Set aside the benefits of having a former president on the faculty. Would the rest of the president’s CV make him an appealing faculty candidate? A handful of law professors with hiring experience gave us their views.



Keeping Women in STEM

How colleges are retaining female undergraduates in engineering and computer science.


Gun-Violence Researchers, Anticipating No Change Under Trump, Rethink Strategy

With a 20-year ban on federal funds for studies of firearm violence, researchers at more than 80 public-health institutions plan to make progress locally.

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Education Dept. Clarifies Rule Governing Online Courses

The department said that an agreement under which more than 1,300 colleges had already been approved to offer online courses across state lines would satisfy the new regulation.