PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | News http://www.chronicle.com/section/News/6/ 2017-11-24T04:23:12-05:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Prominent Creative-Writing Professor at UVa Is Accused of Sexually Harassing Students http://www.chronicle.com/article/Prominent-Creative-Writing/241861 2017-11-22T14:10:40-05:00 John Casey, who won a National Book Award in 1989, is said to have favored male students, made sexual comments to female students, and subjected them to unwanted touching. By Katherine Mangan When ‘Collegiality’ and Evaluating Faculty Collide http://www.chronicle.com/article/When-Collegiality-and/241862 2017-11-22T14:09:55-05:00 The concept appears, explicitly or implicitly, in many faculty manuals. But it’s often vague and unevenly applied, and it can stifle dissent. By Audrey Williams June Turkeys Go Off to College After Presidential Pardon http://www.chronicle.com/article/Turkeys-Go-Off-to-College/241860 2017-11-22T13:05:00-05:00 The birds have been admitted to Virginia Tech’s farm, where their predecessors are minor celebrities. By Sam Hoisington 3 Insights About the Professoriate From a New Federal Report http://www.chronicle.com/article/3-Insights-About-the/241841 2017-11-21T21:05:28-05:00 A study by the Government Accountability Office finds gender and age discrepancies in tenure-track employment, as well as a number of “pseudo tenure” positions at some institutions. By Audrey Williams June ‘Ring by Spring’: How Christian Colleges Fuel Students’ Rush to Get Engaged http://www.chronicle.com/article/Ring-by-Spring-How/241840 2017-11-21T16:52:11-05:00 Some institutions play into the engagement frenzy with couples’ retreats and other programs promoting marriage. By Liam Adams After Protest of Working Conditions, Grad Students at American U. of Beirut Lose Jobs http://www.chronicle.com/article/After-Protest-of-Working/241838 2017-11-21T12:38:00-05:00 The plans of 11 students are in limbo after the university revoked their graduate assistantships because of their protests. By Sam Hoisington Justice Dept. Says Harvard Is Not Complying With Probe on Race in Admissions http://www.chronicle.com/article/Justice-Dept-Says-Harvard-Is/241836 2017-11-21T09:38:00-05:00 The department’s investigation stems from a complaint, filed in 2015, alleging that the elite university systematically discriminates against Asian-American applicants. By Adam Harris The Daily Briefing http://www.chronicle.com/article/The-Daily-Briefing/238091 2017-11-21T04:55:00-05:00 The Daily Briefing tells individual subscribers everything they need to know about higher ed. Here’s a sample. By Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz and Adam Harris When Alumni Interviewers Screw Up, Things Get Weird http://www.chronicle.com/article/When-Alumni-Interviewers-Screw/241835 2017-11-20T22:01:55-05:00 A Harvard alum’s privacy-breaching email to applicants underscores the potential hazards of bringing outsiders into the process. By Eric Hoover ‘Et Tu, Teresa?’: How Pressure Built for U. of Virginia to Condemn Racists http://www.chronicle.com/article/Et-Tu-Teresa-How/241833 2017-11-20T19:54:00-05:00 After white nationalists’ rally, emails show that administrators, donors, and parents saw Teresa Sullivan’s rhetoric as too equivocal. By Jack Stripling A Challenge for Higher Ed: Modernize Manufacturing, but Protect Jobs http://www.chronicle.com/article/A-Challenge-for-Higher-Ed-/241834 2017-11-20T17:44:04-05:00 A reclamation project in Pittsburgh will turn an old steel mill into an advanced-robotics center run by Carnegie Mellon. Can it really spark a “rebirth of American manufacturing”? By Paul Basken Northern Arizona U. Professor Is Arrested on Charges of Stalking a Student and Others http://www.chronicle.com/article/Northern-Arizona-U-Professor/241828 2017-11-20T11:28:00-05:00 The associate professor of interior design is no longer employed at the university, a spokeswoman told a local newspaper. By Andy Thomason How Real-World Learning Could Help People Compete With Machines http://www.chronicle.com/article/How-Real-World-Learning-Could/241811 2017-11-20T10:30:00-05:00 Joseph Aoun, president of Northeastern University, says colleges must change how they educate for a work force dominated by automation. By Scott Carlson Inside the U. of Virginia's Response to a Chaotic White-Supremacist Rally http://www.chronicle.com/article/Inside-the-U-of-Virginias/241832 2017-11-20T00:00:00-05:00 More than 3,000 pages of documents show how administrators slowly came to grips with a menacing mob, which might not have turned violent if warnings had been heeded. By Jack Stripling What Professors Can Learn About Teaching From Their Students http://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Professors-Can-Learn/241812 2017-11-19T19:00:00-05:00 Some classroom observations and other assessments at the University of California at Merced can be especially valuable because of who’s performing them: undergraduates. By Beckie Supiano What I'm Reading: ‘The Fuzzy and the Techie’ http://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Im-Reading-The-Fuzzy/241820 2017-11-19T18:31:00-05:00 A book suggests ways to get liberal-arts and technology students working together to solve societal problems. By Christopher Mayer Don’t Let Energy Costs Devour Your Budget http://www.chronicle.com/article/Don-t-Let-Energy-Costs-/241802 2017-11-19T18:30:00-05:00 The University of Pennsylvania is discovering that audits, automation, and strategic planning can help save millions of dollars while mitigating damage to the environment. By Lawrence Biemiller Cornell’s Vigilant Watt Watchers http://www.chronicle.com/article/Cornell-s-Vigilant-Watt/241801 2017-11-19T18:30:00-05:00 The university has committed to becoming a carbon-neutral campus by 2035. As part of that effort, a squad of 10 is sussing out energy inefficiencies. By Lawrence Biemiller Selected New Books on Higher Education http://www.chronicle.com/article/Selected-New-Books-on-Higher/241815 2017-11-19T18:28:00-05:00 Topics include research fraud, inequality among colleges, and outcomes for deaf students. Compiled by Nina C. Ayoub How Sources of Support Divide Scientists http://www.chronicle.com/article/How-Sources-of-Support-Divide/241816 2017-11-19T18:27:00-05:00 A new book examines traditional researchers’ views of their more commercially oriented, and often wealthier, colleagues. By Peter Monaghan