With a Strong Stance on Safe Spaces, U. of Chicago Sends a Mixed Message to Students

While some applauded the clarity of a dean’s letter, others found it callous, out of touch, or simply misunderstood.


A Brief Guide to the Battle Over Trigger Warnings

A message to incoming students from a University of Chicago dean has touched off a debate about the use of the warnings on college campuses. Here's what you need to know about them.

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Federal Judge Blocks U. of North Carolina From Enforcing 'Bathroom Bill'

The decision follows a federal appellate court's ruling that transgender students are protected by Title IX's prohibition of sex discrimination.

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Have You Used Trigger Warnings in the Classroom?

A controversy at the University of Chicago has touched off a fierce debate over the practice. We want instructors who have used such warnings to tell us about their experiences.

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Berkeley Suspends Its ‘Global Campus’ Because of Budget Deficit

The project, proposed in 2015 and due to be built near the University of California campus, was supposed to be off-limits to budget cuts.



Trading One Marathon for Another, an Olympic Runner Returns to the Classroom

After his summer in Rio, Jared Ward is hitting the ground running for another semester of teaching and researching statistics at Brigham Young University.



The Real Story Behind the U. of Connecticut’s ‘Scholars House’

The university’s new residential community was created in an attempt to put more African-American men on a path to graduation. But some critics have depicted the program as a step toward segregating black students.


Graduate Students

A New Era for Grad-Student Organizing

Changing realities in higher education and the broad scope of a decision this week by the National Labor Relations Board are feeding a growing appetite among graduate students to fight for better working conditions.



College Republican Chapters Are Trying to Keep Trump From Tearing Them Apart

With the fall semester starting and the November election fast approaching, the chapters are withholding endorsements, focusing on down-ballot races, and sometimes even splintering.

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U. of Chicago's Condemning of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings Reignites Debate

A letter from the dean of students cited academic freedom as the reason it opposes the practices. Some observers say that's a backwards argument.

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Education Dept. Cuts Off Federal Aid to New Students at For-Profit ITT

The department's move may be its most substantial action against a single for-profit educator since its heightened scrutiny of Corinthian Colleges caused that company to fold.

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U. of Vermont Cancels Game at Chapel Hill Over 'Bathroom Bill'

The decision is the latest move in protest of North Carolina's House Bill 2, which mandates that people use only the public bathrooms that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates.

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Fraternity at Texas A&M Is Suspended After a Student Dies

A search warrant stated that fraternity members did not want the police to be called because drugs were involved in the incident on the College Station campus.

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U. of Iowa Professor Wants Athletics Mascot to Show More Smile, Less Scowl

Resmiye Oral sent emails to the athletic department and Faculty Senate requesting that Herky the Hawk's face show a wider range of expression in university publications.

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Gunmen Attack American U. in Afghanistan, Killing at Least 12 People

Those killed in Wednesday's attack included seven students. The attack came two weeks after two instructors were abducted at gunpoint from a car near the campus.



A Provocative Protest Pits Pro- and Anti-Gun Activists

Concealed handguns are now legal in public-college classrooms in Texas. On the first day of classes at the University of Texas at Austin since the law took effect, opponents and supporters expressed their views with signs, slogans, and sex toys.


Duke U. Lays Claim to $10 Million From Oilman’s Estate

The university filed probate-court papers on Tuesday seeking more than $9.9 million in what it says were unfunded pledges made by the oil and gas magnate Aubrey McClendon before his death, in March, reports The Wall Street Journal.



Meet the Sex Shops in Austin, Tex., That Put the Cocks in ‘Cocks Not Glocks’

The University of Texas flagship prohibits dildos in public but, thanks to the state’s new campus-carry law, allows guns. Students are protesting, and local proprietors are lending a hand.



You Don’t Know Your Students. This Professor Hopes to Change That.

Michael Wesch, an associate professor of anthropology at Kansas State University, joins his students for an unusual tour of their lives beyond the classroom.



How One Professor Will Turn Wisconsin’s Higher-Ed Philosophy Into a Seminar

This fall Chad A. Goldberg will teach students the significance of the "Wisconsin Idea," a longstanding principle in the state-university system’s mission statement that was almost overturned last year by the governor.


Graduate Students

NYU’s Graduate Union: Success Story or Cautionary Tale?

The NLRB’s ruling on Tuesday, that graduate students are employees, prompts a look back at the labor-union battle that started it all.


Graduate Students

Ruling Pushes Door to Grad-Student Unions ‘Wide Open’

The National Labor Relations Board’s decision in a case involving Columbia University has made clear that graduate-employee unions are legal at private colleges. Experts predict a surge in organizing similar to what has taken place among adjuncts.

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Will the NLRB's Columbia Ruling Tarnish the 'College Experience'? A Closer Look

The board's lone dissenter said a host of unwelcome behaviors were likely to take hold at private colleges. The other members largely dismissed that concern.