Don’t Retreat. Teach Citizenship.

It’s possible to cultivate valuable skills and dispositions across the curriculum. And now it’s more crucial than ever.


Talladega Band's Decision to Play at Inauguration Is Smart and Gutsy

A month ago Alabama's oldest HBCU was little known, but now it is appearing in headlines and news crawls of major media outlets.


Stop Dismissing Community Colleges

Historically, community colleges have prepared millions of students to successfully enroll in, and graduate from, four-year programs.


Colleges Should Decide Which Bathroom Students Use

Allowing students who identify with the opposite gender to use any bathroom they choose is a greater right than any other student has, and could lead to abuse of those rights.


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Citizen Formation Is Not Our Job

The National Association of Scholars is right to oppose the “new civics,” but its solution is wrongheaded.



Weekly Book List, January 20, 2017

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.

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Facebook and Falsehood

Why the fake-news problem means Facebook can no longer run away from politics.


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When Truth Becomes a Commodity

What becomes of the public when truth becomes just another consumer preference?


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The Plots Against America

Conspiracy theories have gone from the margins to the heart of public life.

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Google and the Misinformed Public

The truth suffers when search algorithms become our educators.


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Know-Nothing Nation

Can democracy work if the people don’t care about the truth?


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Fighting Fake

Waging war against fake news has its perils.


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Our Graduates Are Rubes

We are churning out entitled students with paltry knowledge and inflated egos, easy prey for propagandists.


The 3 Qualities That Make a Good Dean

A veteran professor-turned-dean who wanted to bring light to "the dark side" explains what worked for him.



How to Responsibly Close a College

When failure is inevitable, planning becomes crucial: How much cash is available, and how long will it last?



Envisioning the Fully Integrated Library

No academic department is an island, and that’s doubly true for the university library of the future.



You Talkin’ to Me?

Now more than ever, colleges should be teaching contemplative listening, the learning outcome that’s not on the list.


Not All Community-College Credits Should Easily Transfer

People want universities to be like Red Box kiosks; check out a course over here and return it over there and it still counts. But every university is different.


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Beyond Pretty Buildings

The new historic preservation should confront the most pressing problems of our age.



Teaching Immigration Law in the Age of Trump

The president-elect’s nativist rhetoric doesn’t give students license to engage in hostile classroom debate. But the boundaries are far more contestable and contested than they once were.



Think You’re Safe From Retirement-Plan Lawsuits? Think Again

Even public universities should be prepared to demonstrate that they are properly managing their employees’ benefits.


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The Man Against Everything

Mark Greif has no use for health, youth, or happiness.


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Publish and Perish

Beware becoming so productive that you forget to think.