The Chronicle Review

A New History of the Right Has Become an Intellectual Flashpoint

Critics call Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains sloppy and ideologically driven. Defenders praise its insights.


Assessing the Intangible in Our Students

How do we reckon with the omissions of a higher-education accountability system that focuses solely on “measurable student learning outcomes”?


We Need More, Not Fewer, Collaborations With Tech Companies

Access to data sets and financing would be a lifeline for university-centered research and a public service to an increasingly digitized society.


You Can Take a Bold Sabbatical

Sure, you could stay home to work on the book, but this is no time to be timid.


Grad School Is Hard on Mental Health. Here’s an Antidote.

Science-communication training can give researchers perspective on their work and gird them against impostor syndrome.


Now You’re in Charge. Right?

Warning: You may be surprised by the realities of an administrative position.


Yes, the Trump Budget Would Hurt Students — but It Could Be Worse

Proposed cuts in the Education Department’s budget represent both a lost opportunity to strengthen student financial-aid programs and a diversion of funds to questionable priorities.