Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (3/3/2017)

Government officials moving into higher education include Janine Davidson, former under secretary of the U.S. Navy, who will lead Metropolitan State University of Denver, and John Kerry, the former U.S. secretary of state, who will join Yale.



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A Sociologist Looks at the Failure of the For-Profits and the Rise of Trump

The author of a new book on for-profit higher education says the industry takes advantage of the slack in the labor market.


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Why Trans* Students Matter

The author of a recent book on transgender college students worries about Trump's rollback of Obama-era protections and advocates moving beyond "best practices" for inclusion.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (2/24/2017)

Marvin Krislov, president of Oberlin College, was hired to lead Pace University, and Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States, will head new academic centers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware.




What I'm Reading: 'Robert Kennedy and His Times’

Mr. Kennedy’s words resonate with a college president who wants to empower young people to change the course of events.



Meet the Guy Who Turns Off the Lights When a College Closes

When the 130-year-old Virginia Intermont College had to shut its doors, an executive business consultant stepped in to settle its affairs.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (2/17/2017)

The U.S. secretary of education under President Obama will lead the Education Trust, and a former University of Virginia dean will be the next president of Sweet Briar College.



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Battle-Hardened Climate Scientist Braces for Trump Era

Michael Mann has been fighting climate-change deniers since the late 1990s. Now he’s telling his fellow scientists to warm up for a new round of attacks.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (2/3/2017)

A former astronaut was appointed vice president at Texas A&M University and chief operating officer on its Galveston campus, and the departing U.S. secretary of the treasury will be a visiting professor in the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.




What I'm Reading: ‘The Quarter-Life Breakthrough’

A book by Adam Smiley Poswolsky opens up classroom discussions about the road to meaningful work.



What Many Colleges Need: a Driving Vision

Mark William Roche, a former dean, says universities can distinguish themselves by remedying higher education’s shortcomings.



Selected New Books on Higher Education

The latest topics include the value of liberal-arts education for prison inmates and why students resist learning.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (1/27/2017)

A vice president at a Virginia college will lead Pennsylvania State University at Wilkes Barre, and a former dean at a Russian university will be education dean at Sacramento State.




Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (1/20/2017)

The University of Miami’s provost was appointed George Washington University’s president, and Harvard’s Title IX officer will direct the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.



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The Far Right’s ‘New Offensive Against Academia’

George Ciccariello-Maher, the Drexel University professor who caused a furor by tweeting "All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide," says academe must brace for the fight of its life.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (1/13/2017)

The president of Chattanooga State Community College will lead the Tennessee Board of Regents system, and a former University of Illinois chancellor will head the Colorado Longitudinal Study.



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'You Have to Understand the World in Which You Live'

After going a few rounds in the political arena, Penn’s Zeke Emanuel wants to turn academics loose on crucial international issues.


Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (1/6/2017)

An arts dean at a State University of New York campus will lead the California Institute of the Arts. Pomona College has appointed its first female and first African-American president.


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Campus Identity Politics Is Dooming Liberal Causes, a Professor Charges

Rage over racial, gender, and sexual identity has no sense of proportion and creates a damaging spectacle, says Mark Lilla, a professor of humanities at Columbia University.



What I'm Reading: ‘We Gon’ Be Alright’

A college president finds that a new book will serve well to engage colleagues and students in nuanced conversations about race in America.


The Chronicle Interview

‘I Fit in Neither Place’

The cultural challenges of first-generation students, says M. Sonja Ardoin, aren’t easily resolved — even years later, when as faculty members they’re asked, "What wine will you have?"



Selected New Books on Higher Education

Among the topics are student attitudes on race and inequality, and how to fix public universities.



Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (12/16/2016)

Juan Sanchez Munoz was selected to lead the University of Houston-Downtown; Ohio Northern University appointed a new provost.