Sonic Foundry is the industry-recognized leader for lecture capture and webcasting. More than 1000 universities and colleges trust Mediasite by Sonic Foundry to build successful online programs, economically increase enrollment without new classrooms, capture and preserve campus events and bolster their recruitment and outreach initiatives through rich media.

10 Faculty Perspectives on What Works in Lecture Capture

After teaching in classrooms equipped with the Mediasite lecture capture platform, ten faculty share their reactions and results.  

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Promoting Classroom Discussion Through Distance Education Technology

In Northwestern University’s search for a new distance education platform, the objective was to find a system that eliminated the need for students to take notes and promote interaction between teacher and students. Find out what features Mediasite Solutions offered that the University felt enhanced the learning experience for both its on-campus and distance learning students.   » Download Now

Attracting Students from Across the Globe with Mediasite

Find out how Sonic Foundry's Mediasite Solutions and its industry leading lecture capture technology helped Oxford's Department of Continuing Education connect with students in more than 70 different countries, offering them the ability to enjoy the experience of a face-to-face lecture in a distance-learning environment.   » Download Now

Successful Strategic Planning for Your Lecture Capture Initiative

Duncan McBogg, Educational Technologist at University of Colorado at Boulder, wrote his Master's Thesis on effective practices for lecture capture. After CU-Boulder's Academic Technology Support group completed its first lecture capture initiative, he composed this ebook. Duncan lists questions and resources to consider -- not just about lecture capture technology, but also how course capture will affect your school pedagogically, administratively, procedurally and spatially.  » Download Now

Evaluating the Impact of Mediasite Lecture Capture on Retention,
Recruitment & Student Satisfaction

Packed with stats, this ebook summarizes over five years of studies from schools across the U.S. These colleges and universities conducted their own independent research projects and assessments to evaluate the impact of lecture capture with Mediasite on retention, recruitment & student satisfaction.  » Download Now

101 Academic Perspectives on What Works in Lecture Capture

Now that over 1000 campuses have deployed the Mediasite lecture capture platform, we asked faculty, staff and students from across the globe to share their reactions and results. Has teaching, learning and outreach been impacted in positive ways by the use of Mediasite in – and outside of – their classrooms?

These 101 pages offer a first-person take on the experiences and outcomes of these individuals, along with links to more of their feedback and findings. Dive in for a compelling snapshot of the current thinking on what works – and gets results – in lecture capture.
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