The 2017 Trends Report

With the political uncertainties of the Trump administration, it’s a dicey business trying to project what’s next for college campuses. Our 2017 Trends Report can help you stay on top of the turmoil.



The 2016 Influence List

The people who made a mark on higher education — for better or worse.


50 Years of The Chronicle of Higher Education

This special issue of The Chronicle offers some of the best and most representative journalism of our first 50 years — from the turbulence of the 1960s to the present moment of financial constraint and accountability. And it's all yours, free for downloading.

Download The Chronicle's 50th-Anniversary Anthology.


Special Reports

The Election Issue

With the finish line in sight for the presidential campaign of 2016, we decided to devote our pages to essays that examine and challenge the way we think about politics, democracy, and the American electorate. Why do voters make the choices that they do? How could political scientists have failed to foresee this year’s tectonic political shifts? And what aftershocks can we expect in the wake of Donald Trump? We tackle these and other questions in this special issue of The Chronicle Review.


Special Reports

Next: The Innovation Issue

Nervousness over the economy and questions about the value of a college degree have contributed to growing expectations that colleges must make career services a priority. This special report on innovation examines some of the career-counseling efforts underway — by colleges, start-ups, and collaborations between the two. See the entire issue here. 


The Completion Agenda

In any academic career, the first supreme hurdle you face is finishing your dissertation. This series explores how to get it done.


The Chronicle Review

The Obama Issue

In this special issue of The Chronicle Review, we turn our attention to the accomplishments and disappointments of the past eight years. See the whole issue here.


Special Reports

Diversity in Academe: Disability on Campus

This special report examines the challenges that students, academics, and colleges face in dealing with physical disabilities as well as conditions that are less visible.


The Almanac of Higher Education 2016-17

The Chronicle's annual almanac brings context to data with detailed tables and analysis on faculty, students, finance, and all 50 states. Get a sense of how higher education is changing, and find the figures you need to inform decisions on your campus.


Great Colleges to Work For 2016

This special report examines several workplace issues where strong communication is key, including anxiety over "campus carry" laws that allow students in some states to bring guns to class and a growing faculty effort to seek new ways of demonstrating the value of scholarly work. Read more.



Law Enforcement and Academe

A series of deadly police shootings of black men has plunged law-enforcement agencies around the country into controversy. This collection of Chronicle articles offers insights on campus and local police departments and the scrutiny they face.


The Chronicle Review

The Trump Issue

How did Donald Trump’s candidacy happen? What ideas has he upended? How is academe responding? What does his candidacy mean for the future of democracy? We asked scholars from a variety of disciplines to weigh in.


Special Reports

Diversity in Academe: Who Sets a College's Diversity Agenda?

True diversity remains a struggle for many colleges. This special report looks at who actually sets a college’s diversity agenda, and what makes that agenda flourish or flop. These questions have taken on a special urgency as race-related protests have erupted on many campuses and as the nation’s population grows more diverse. 



The Digital Campus: Tech Innovators 2016

Meet this year's tech innovators — nine men, women, and projects using education technology boldly and broadly.


Special Reports

The Trends Report: 10 Key Shifts in Higher Education

The Chronicle’s second annual Trends Report is your guide to the shifting landscape of higher education. Learn how to navigate the challenges faced by college leaders across the country.


On Leadership

The Chronicle’s On Leadership video series explores various aspects of campus leadership with top executives and other movers and shakers across academe. Hosted by Chronicle editors and reporters, the series explores trending and relevant topics in higher education. Visit our complete collection of interviews.



Chronicle Films

Short films documenting voices from across academe are front and center in this original series of award-winning, independently produced videos. 





Small Changes in Teaching

In this series, James M. Lang argues that simple changes in our pedagogy — in things like course design, classroom practices, and communication with students — can have a powerful impact on student learning. 


50 Years of Page Ones

In November 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education will mark its 50th anniversary. To lead up to the occasion, we’ve chosen front pages featuring some of our reporting on events in higher education and the zeitgeist of the nation’s colleges and universities over the years.



Research and the Real World

University scientists have shown that they’re good at turning research into products. But are those scientists, and their funders, making the same effort to turn their work into solutions for society's problems? Read the answers in this special Chronicle report.




Mapping the New Education Landscape

The Chronicle's Re:Learning project provides stories and analysis about this change moment for learning and offers a forum where professors, administrators, and ed-tech leaders can debate the future of higher education.




Academic Job Hunts From Hell

In a continuing series, David D. Perlmutter explores the less-than-pleasant aspects of the faculty job hunt for candidates.



Scholars Talk Writing

In this continuing series, Rachel Toor interviews scholars about their writing process and influences. Recent columns have featured interviews with Anthony Grafton, Sam Wineburg, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and Camille Paglia.