4-Year Colleges With the Highest Numbers of Exclusively Distance-Education Students, by Student Residency, Fall 2014

In all three sectors, business and health professions were among the most popular majors for distance-education students.

Highest Representation of Racial and Ethnic Groups at 4-Year Public Institutions, Fall 2014

High representation of particular racial or ethnic groups is found in states like Georgia and Oklahoma, reflecting those states' populations.

Yield Rates at the Most-Selective 4-Year Colleges, Fall 2014

The 25 most-selective private nonprofit institutions all had much higher yield rates than did such institutions over all.

Table: U.S. Institutions With the Most Foreign Students, 2015-16

Seven Midwestern universities were among the top 20 doctoral institutions for enrollment of foreign students.

Table: Universities That Granted the Most Research Doctorates, Over All and by Field, 2015

The nine universities that granted the most doctoral degrees in 2015 were public institutions. Harvard University was No. 10.

Table: 4-Year Institutions That Granted the Most Degrees, by Sector, 2014-15

A small group of colleges awarded a significant share of the degrees conferred in the United States, especially among for-profit institutions.