Top Colleges for Awarding Credit for Study Abroad, 2014-15

Of the 40 top doctoral institutions sending students to study abroad for academic credit in the 2014-15 academic year, 13 were in the South and 11 in the Midwest.

Highest Representation of Racial and Ethnic Groups at Liberal-Arts Colleges, Fall 2015

Although minority students are underrepresented at liberal-arts colleges over all, some individual colleges serve a substantial share of students from a particular racial or ethnic group.


State-by-State Breakdown of Graduation Rates

This newly updated interactive graphic charts the six-year graduation rates for various student demographics across four-year public, four-year private nonprofit, and two-year public institutions.

4-Year Colleges With the Highest Numbers of Exclusively Distance-Education Students, by Student Residency, Fall 2014

In all three sectors, business and health professions were among the most popular majors for distance-education students.

Highest Representation of Racial and Ethnic Groups at 4-Year Public Institutions, Fall 2014

High representation of particular racial or ethnic groups is found in states like Georgia and Oklahoma, reflecting those states' populations.

Yield Rates at the Most-Selective 4-Year Colleges, Fall 2014

The 25 most-selective private nonprofit institutions all had much higher yield rates than did such institutions over all.