With a Strong Stance on Safe Spaces, U. of Chicago Sends a Mixed Message to Students

While some applauded the clarity of a dean’s letter, others found it callous, out of touch, or simply misunderstood.



The Real Story Behind the U. of Connecticut’s ‘Scholars House’

The university’s new residential community was created in an attempt to put more African-American men on a path to graduation. But some critics have depicted the program as a step toward segregating black students.



College Republican Chapters Are Trying to Keep Trump From Tearing Them Apart

With the fall semester starting and the November election fast approaching, the chapters are withholding endorsements, focusing on down-ballot races, and sometimes even splintering.



A Provocative Protest Pits Pro- and Anti-Gun Activists

Concealed handguns are now legal in public-college classrooms in Texas. On the first day of classes at the University of Texas at Austin since the law took effect, opponents and supporters expressed their views with signs, slogans, and sex toys.



Meet the Sex Shops in Austin, Tex., That Put the Cocks in ‘Cocks Not Glocks’

The University of Texas flagship prohibits dildos in public but, thanks to the state’s new campus-carry law, allows guns. Students are protesting, and local proprietors are lending a hand.



What Will College Be Like for a Transgender Student in North Carolina?

The recipient of a prestigious scholarship talks about how he will navigate his freshman year after the passage of the state’s controversial "bathroom bill."



What Has Welfare Reform Meant for Students' Higher-Education Dreams?

The law, signed 20 years ago today by President Bill Clinton, has had a complex impact on poverty — and on educational attainment, according to Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield, a policy analyst with the Center for Law and Social Policy.


Helping Students Seek Social Services

Even at colleges that try to keep tuition and fees under control, it's other living expenses that often delay or derail adult students. Explore how some institutions are connecting students with public benefits.



The Students Behind ‘Students for Concealed Carry’

The national gun-rights organization has grown significantly since its inception on social media almost a decade ago.



How 3 College Presidents Are Trying to Move Their Campuses Past Racial Tensions

Student activism and demands at Towson University, Oberlin College, and the University of Washington took different shapes. But the leaders of all three institutions are searching for common ground between protesters and administrators.



Meet Higher Education's Newest Players: 'Education Sherpas'

Under a new model, guides help students navigate the higher-ed process, from college entrance to career path.



For the Wealthiest Colleges, How Many Low-Income Students Are Enough?

Colleges with large endowments have long faced criticism for not serving more of the neediest students. But there’s no clear standard on how many they should enroll.



How Technology Could Change Reporting of Campus Sexual Assault

College Title IX officers say new web platforms could encourage more victims to come forward. But they also worry that third-party sites might complicate communication or present privacy risks.



Yale Committee Could Prompt More Talk About Racist Names on Campuses

A panel will establish principles on when a building’s name ought to be changed, hoping that the resulting guidelines will spread.



Video: Over the Summer, These Students Rallied Behind Black Lives Matter

Students who attended Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Washington this summer may have offered glimpses of protests that could return to college campuses in the fall.



Meet the Young Republicans Who Founded ‘Students for Trump’

With a social-media strategy that's heavy on anti-Hillary memes and photos of bikini-clad Trump supporters, two Campbell University students have pushed the candidate's message to thousands of college students.


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Leaving the Reservation

As she prepares to graduate from high school, Charnelle Bear Medicine contemplates her future at the University of Montana. A photo essay details the final weeks of her senior year.



For Native Students, Education’s Promise Has Long Been Broken

President Obama wants more American Indian students to graduate from college. But look at the challenges these high schoolers face, and it becomes clear why that is a tall order.


For Native Students, a Deepening Divide

Data show that the achievement gap between Native American students and their peers starts young and persists through college.



‘I Want to Get This Right’: Scenes From a Conference on Campus Sex Assault

When officials from 33 colleges met in Washington to discuss a new curriculum for assault investigations, conducting fair interviews and making sense of consent emerged as key themes.



What a University Can Learn From Wegmans

American University hopes to translate the customer-service ethos developed by the successful grocery chain into better student-service policies.



As Dual Enrollments Swell, So Do Worries About Academic Rigor

Courses that give high-school students college credit before they graduate are expanding rapidly. In Texas, where the idea is especially popular, many educators are watching the trend warily.