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The Far Right’s ‘New Offensive Against Academia’

George Ciccariello-Maher, the Drexel University professor who caused a furor by tweeting "All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide," says academe must brace for the fight of its life.


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'You Have to Understand the World in Which You Live'

After going a few rounds in the political arena, Penn’s Zeke Emanuel wants to turn academics loose on crucial international issues.


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Campus Identity Politics Is Dooming Liberal Causes, a Professor Charges

Rage over racial, gender, and sexual identity has no sense of proportion and creates a damaging spectacle, says Mark Lilla, a professor of humanities at Columbia University.


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‘I Fit in Neither Place’

The cultural challenges of first-generation students, says M. Sonja Ardoin, aren’t easily resolved — even years later, when as faculty members they’re asked, "What wine will you have?"


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A Push to 'Expand White Privilege'

The white supremacist Richard Spencer sees college campuses as an important recruiting ground and hopes to visit "all the major ones."


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The Case for Trading Identity Politics for ‘Intellectual Humility’

Charles C. Camosy, an associate professor of theology at Fordham University, talks about why academics are out of touch and what they should do about it.


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The Chronicle Interview

Are Students ‘Learning Anything About Love Here’?

Anna Deavere Smith, master of documentary theater, talks about personal narrative, empathy, and colleges’ potential to reach vulnerable students and to disrupt cliques.


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‘It’s Easier to Kludge It’

A University of California professor who just wrote a book about public higher education in shambles talks about restoring support, kludging administrators, and California noir.


The Chronicle Interview

‘We Need to Rethink’

Marvin Krislov, president of Oberlin College, reflects on student demands, inauthentic bánh mì, and the tumultuous final years of his decade-long term.