A Different Kind of Safe Space

Say anything in my classroom. But words have consequences, so think carefully.


How to Think Like Shakespeare

Twenty-first-century students would benefit from 16th-century habits of mind.


Free Expression in Peril

Student and faculty speech is sometimes ugly and offensive. But we must protect it. All of it.


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The Chomsky Puzzle: Piecing Together a Celebrity Scientist

Two new books try to take down the father of modern linguistics. Is this any way to treat an intellectual icon?


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The Insidious Imps of Writing

To outwit them, you've got to hypnotize yourself, shaking off the shackles of everyday routine.


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Casting Into the Unknown

What can fly-fishing teach us about theoretical physics? More than you might guess.


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Peter Singer on Robots, Kidneys, and Changing Lives

The controversial philosopher discusses ethics, challenging students, and the importance of surfing.



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Who Needs Historians?

Historians can serve a useful political role — but at what cost?


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Holding On to What Makes Us Human

Defending the humanities in a skills-obsessed university.


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What if Addiction Is Not a Disease?

A longstanding debate hampers progress in treatment, but a new research model holds promise.


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How to Win an Academic Argument

They don’t move mountains, they move minds. And the making of the arguments is its own reward.


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What Rankings Have Wrought

Sociologists describe a field under the tyranny of U.S. News surveys.


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'Junkie' in the Joint

An audience of inmates reads William Burroughs's dark novel.


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The Vanishing Big Thinker

Scholars have come to value academic progress over public benefit.

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‘Trump Syllabus’ Ignores Race, Xenophobia

A contributor to the "Trump Syllabus" voices her disapproval of the project.


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Police Violence, Out of Context

What a recent high-profile study about police shootings got wrong.


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Why Social Science Risks Irrelevance

The privilege to pursue knowledge carries a responsibility to share it with the world.



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The Nazi Rorschach Tests

What did the researchers who interviewed Nazi leaders in prison, after World War II, conclude?


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The False Promise of a ‘Conversation’ About Race

It’s time to give up on the idea that words alone will make a real difference.


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In Praise of Speculative History

New conjectural works share a project: to broaden the scope of historical understanding beyond the thin span of written records.


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I Read It at the Movies

The film Genius offers a peek into the bruising relationship between editors and authors.


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Take Your Time

The corporate university steals it — let’s grab it back.


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The New McCarthyism

Why another academic witch hunt could take off.