February 05, 2016

Academic Job Hunts From Hell

 In this continuing series, David D. Perlmutter explores all the things that can go wrong for candidates during the faculty job hunt, including fake searches, bad fits, inappropriate questions, and scheduling challenges.


What to do next if you were shut out on the faculty market.

Nuclear errors, incompetent committees, and other reasons you weren’t offered the job.

A job offer is not the culmination of the hiring process; it’s the beginning of negotiations.

The job interview is not a spontaneous exchange, it’s a minefield.

How to juggle job interviews and campus visits and stay focused and sane.

How do you deal with off-putting exchanges in job interviews and meetings?

How do you recognize when a department with a job opening is not the place for you?

How do you recognize when the favored candidate in a search has been predetermined?