December 18, 2015

Careers in Academe

This special supplement features advice and opinion columns written by academics and former academics about a wide range of career issues facing tenured and tenure-track professors, adjuncts, graduate students, administrators, and Ph.D.s seeking nonacademic careers.

Predictions and hopes for the future of Ph.D. training.

Academia's "suck it up" culture may seem invigorating, but it's destructive to far too many students.

You’ve finally finished. So why are you so depressed?

Isn't there something odd about the complete absence of conversation about graduate pedagogy?

A part-timer comes to realize that she is neither incompetent nor insane.

Non-tenure-trackers are the freelancers of academia, and we need to start acting like it.

Envy has always been an aspect of academic life.

Haven’t gotten a raise in several years? It’s time to peddle your skills on the open market.

They’ll tell you about tenure and hiring. Here’s what they won’t tell you.

Firing someone too swiftly for bad behavior is unfair to them. But taking action too slowly is unfair to everyone else.

This is why departments should seek kinder ways to bid job candidates farewell.

How to diplomatically search for another job when you already have one.

You’ve been through several rounds of the academic hiring cycle. Is it time to move on?

Do you really need to see my transcripts and references in the first round?




Rational people have good reasons for staying in an academic-employment system that has failed them.

Has academe’s attitude toward nonacademic careers for Ph.D.’s changed much in a decade?