October 12, 2017

Essential Reading on the Chapel Hill Scandal

An academic-fraud scandal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been a black mark on the elite public institution’s reputation for years. But on Friday, the NCAA announced that it could not conclude that academic fraud had actually occurred, bringing the scandal a step closer to conclusion. Catch up on key moments in the UNC case with this collection of Chronicle articles.

The NCAA’s decision not to penalize the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that no one in higher education is responsible for policing fraud of that scope.

Four years on, the University of North Carolina is still trying to resolve a case of widespread academic fraud.

A new report reveals broad involvement by a variety of actors.

One revelation in Wednesday's report is that far more people were involved in the fraud than was previously known. Here's a breakdown.

An independent investigator's report draws several disturbing conclusions, including that academic counselors in athletics were complicit.

How Jan Boxill, a philosophy instructor and ethics expert, became a prominent casualty in the UNC scandal.

Mary C. Willingham spoke with The Chronicle about how Chapel Hill's academic scandal highlighted larger problems in big-time college sports.

Mary Willingham appears to have few supporters among academic advisers. But her crusade is having an impact in their world.

At the University of North Carolina, a culture of academic autonomy falls victim to one department's no-show scandal.

A welter of allegations against athletes have sparked several investigations and calls for swifter, stricter action by the NCAA. Here's why that's unlikely.