July 18, 2016

From the Reservation to College

Read more from an occasional series of articles on the transition to college for students from Browning High School on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.

What one semester reveals about Native American students’ struggle to succeed in college.

Cultural lessons, animal societies, and Soup Wednesday: The University of Montana and Blackfeet Community College take different approaches to serving Native students.

Higher education needs to make significant changes if it wants to overcome the obstacles that face Native American students, says Carmen Lopez, executive director of College Horizons.

President Obama wants more American Indian students to graduate from college. But look at the challenges these high schoolers face, and it becomes clear why that is a tall order.

As she prepares to graduate from high school, Charnelle Bear Medicine contemplates her future at the University of Montana. A photo essay details the final weeks of her senior year.

Data show that the achievement gap between Native American students and their peers starts young and persists through college.

William Mendoza, director of the Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, had several false starts before completing college. He discusses how tribal colleges helped him find his way, and why they remain relevant to students today.