December 20, 2016

Most Popular Stories of 2016

By Ben Ostrowsky, originally posted to Flickr as Reading couple (statue) at UNC-Chapel Hill, CC BY 2.0,
Whether you regard 2016 as a kidney stone of a year, an annus mirabilis of champagne and caviar, or something in between, your tireless scribes at The Chronicle have been there to record it all and bring you insights into what it all means. Here are the 10 articles that drew the greatest readership in the year just ending. Happy holidays, and happy reading.

Four quick ways to shift students’ attention from life’s distractions to your course content.

Christine Ortiz, a dean of graduate education, envisions a new kind of college, built from scratch for today’s needs and with today’s technology.

Allison Goldblatt and her family believed that her elite status as a swimmer would pay her way at the college of her choice. But they found out the truth.

Why women in academe feel our bodies are "always under watch."

Marc Edwards, a professor of civil engineering at Virginia Tech, has become something of a folk hero for his role in identifying lead in the city’s water. But he says he takes no pleasure in the attention. Instead he worries that university research is "no longer deserving of the public trust."

Twenty-first-century students would benefit from 16th-century habits of mind.

Nascent terrorists seem to be drawn to engineering. Their education may further radicalize them.

Four steps toward an alternative academic career.

As technology and machines consume more and more of life, perhaps theater can help us remember what it means to act like a human being.