December 13, 2015

The 2015 Influence List

Students speaking out on race. An alumna fighting to save her college. A governor taking on tenure. This year’s group of 10 influencers and agitators shook up higher education in the classroom, on campus, and beyond.

They spoke out about racism.

She pushed back on a culture of victimization.

He pulled together a group of colleges to rethink how students apply.

She spurred a rallying cry for women in science.

She led an insurgency to keep Sweet Briar College open.

She helped make trigger warnings a campus debate.

He repealed state laws that protected tenure and shared governance.

She translated the economics of higher education for a broad audience.

He forced a reckoning with deep problems in science.

The firm has professionalized hiring and injected more secrecy, too.

Find out how several people on The Chronicle’s previous two influence lists continue to make a mark.