October 25, 2016

The Election Issue

W ith the finish line in sight for the presidential campaign of 2016, we decided to devote our pages to essays that examine and challenge the way we think about politics, democracy, and the American electorate. Why do voters make the choices that they do? How could political scientists have failed to foresee this year’s tectonic political shifts? And what aftershocks can we expect in the wake of Donald Trump? We tackle these and other questions in this special issue of The Chronicle Review.

Sinister forces have shaped the lies and memes of the alt-right.

The field failed to foresee 2016's electoral chaos.

It's time to stop pretending that there's such a thing as a rational voter.

We have obligations as citizens. What are our obligations as neighbors?

Studies by WWII-era social scientists provide a starting point for explaining Trump’s appeal.

How an absurdist ’60s fable augured our made-for-TV electoral dystopia.

Navigating class discussions during a chaotic election season.