October 23, 2015

The Killings at Umpqua

Pat Kinsella for the Chronicle Review
Here are links to The Chronicle's coverage of the fatal shootings at Umpqua Community College in October, along with recent articles on gun violence and higher education.

The gunman in the attack, at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Ore., was killed in an exchange of gunfire with law-enforcement officers.

The mass shooting in Oregon shows how two-year colleges respond to a crisis with limited means at hand.

Two university researchers say they’re optimistic that their work will have long-term benefits. But the sometimes-vitriolic response they receive can be deeply frustrating.

Reflecting on the Umpqua shootings, Geoff Pullum realizes there are not two but three flaws in the wording of the Second Amendment, all lending to its disastrous vagueness.

This past week several campuses learned of online posts or bathroom-wall graffiti that threatened violence. Almost all of them went on high alert.

Gallows humor masks feelings of helplessness and anger as faculty members speculate on the grim probability of more classroom shootings.

The University of Texas at Austin is trying to comply with legislation that many people there fear will make the institution less safe.

A historian facing active-shooter defense training resents how the burden of violence is being placed on educators.

An instructor wonders whether the likelihood of concealed guns in her classroom would make her go easy on certain students.

Students are scared of more shootings, an instructor writes. He’s not sure how to reassure them, but talking about it can only help.

People who fear the prospect of legal, concealed weapons on campuses are being just as irrational as those who refuse to leave the house unarmed.