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Race on Campus

The Growing Movement to Dismantle Diversity Offices

The effort to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion offices at public colleges is gaining momentum.

Colleges Embrace a Different International Role, as Places of Refuge

A scholarship program in Kentucky provides a new start for displaced students, and other ways higher ed is supporting refugees.

Rethinking Research Papers, and Other Responses to ChatGPT

I share questions, concerns, and ideas on how faculty members are adapting to AI in the classroom.
Virtual Events
  • Belonging, Trust, and the Student Journey

    UPCOMING: February 14, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. Learn how colleges can create opportunities for students to build trusting relationships with faculty, administrators, and their peers. With Support From Mongoose. Register here.
  • Global Leadership Perspective

    UPCOMING: February 14, 2023 | 1 p.m. ET. Join us for a 30-minute talk between Dawn Freshwater, vice chancellor of the University of Auckland, and Liz McMillen, executive editor at The Chronicle, on how Auckland is turning its sustainability plan into action. With Support From Auckland. Register here.
  • A Holistic Approach to Campus Mental Health

    ON DEMAND: Creating a culture of mental-health awareness and support on your campus can go a long way to reverse troubling trends of anxiety, depression, and suicide. Join us to learn how you can make a difference. With Support From TimelyMD. Watch on demand.
  • AI Tools for Student Engagement

    ON DEMAND: How can colleges ensure that their technology remains student-centered and efficient as they use AI-enabled systems to support student success? Join a panel of experts to discuss how best to use AI on campus. With Support From UIA. Watch on demand.

Professional-Development Resources

The Review
The Enrollment Crunch: A Special Report
Disappearing Students

The Shrinking of Higher Ed

In the past, colleges grew their way out of enrollment crises. This time looks different.

Nearly 1.3 million students have disappeared from American colleges since the pandemic began. That contraction comes at a precarious moment for the sector. Inflation is driving up costs and straining budgets, stock-market volatility is reducing endowment returns, and federal stimulus funds are running out.

Why is the enrollment crunch happening now? How are colleges responding? What might turn things around? Those are the questions fueling this special report.
  • Stopping the Slide

    A community college, a public regional, and a small private institution try to innovate their way out of yearslong enrollment declines.
  • Finishing What They Started

    As the number of traditional-age students shrinks, educators strive to re-enroll the 39 million Americans who left without a credential.
  • The Perilous Predicament of the Very Small College

    Many campuses with fewer than 1,000 students survived the pandemic on fumes. What’s next?
  • Whither Black Enrollment?

    After more than a century of Black activists’ fight for college access, Black enrollment this past decade has tumbled at an alarming rate.