2000: Stanley Fish, Recruiter Extraordinaire

July 31, 2016

50 Years of Covers

In November 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education will mark its 50th anniversary. To lead up to the occasion, we’ve chosen front pages featuring some of our reporting on key events in higher education and capturing the zeitgeist of the nation’s colleges and universities over the years.

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"P art of the appeal of this job," Stanley Fish told The Chronicle after he became dean of liberal arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago, "was the chance to make a larger difference." And make a difference he did, attracting scholars with reputations as notable as his own to the regional public university. Mr. Fish, a literary theorist who had spent 14 years teaching English and law at Duke University, retired from Chicago after five years. He later taught law at Florida International University. These days, still a prolific writer at 78, he’s a visiting professor at Yeshiva University’s law school.