Career Services in the Classroom

Susan Brennan, Associate Vice President for Career Services

May 18, 2017

Produced by Julia Schmalz and Carmen Mendoza

College career offices can sometimes be isolated on campus. But more than ever, career counselors have tried to break out of their silos to work with faculty members and others on campus to help students find meaningful work after college, says Susan Sandler Brennan, associate vice president for career services at Bentley University. She describes how Bentley’s career office created a course to help prepare students for the world of work, and what traits she is looking for in career counselors.

This video is related to The Chronicle’s latest report, The Future of Work: How Colleges Can Prepare Students for the Jobs Ahead, which includes predictions from economists and technology experts on the labor market; insight from employers on the skills they are looking for among recent college graduates; and thoughts from college administrators on how career services must change. Purchase the report here.

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