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Arthur Levine

Arthur Levine is a scholar of higher education at New York University’s Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy, a senior fellow and president emeritus of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and president emeritus of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    5 Ways Higher Ed Will Be Upended

    Colleges will lose power, prices will go down, and credentials will multiply — among other jarring shifts.
  • The Review

    3 Reasons to Applaud Purdue’s Kaplan Deal

    The acquisition of a for-profit-college chain by a storied land-grant university points to the future of American higher education.
  • Commentary

    Time Is Right for Colleges to Shift From Assembly-Line Education

    Competency-based education, which focuses on results rather than process, is a model that colleges are going to have to adopt to survive.
  • Commentary

    Demanding a Lot More of Teacher Education

    If new standards are properly enforced, then the programs will be judged by the actual impact of their graduates in the classroom.
  • Commentary

    Today’s Unpresidential Presidents

    University leaders, heirs to the innovative disrupters of an earlier era, are now seen as apologists for a dated system of higher education.
  • Commentary

    Today’s Students: Same as Always, but More So

    They’re not that different from undergraduates of the past, but they face a changed world.
  • Commentary

    The New Normal of Teacher Education

    It’s time to marry university programs with the modern versions of the old normal school, which emphasize practice over theory.
  • Commentary

    Colleges and the Rebirth of the American Dream

    For every child who finds a path to college, there are many others who don’t. The cost of losing them is incalculable.
  • News

    Expectations for Our Teachers Are Misplaced

    Education is not a competitive choice for the nation’s most able young peopleSeveral years ago, I was part of a group that a philanthropist had assembled to review his foundation’s education agenda. In the course of a two-day meeting, the conversation turned negative only once, when education…
  • The Review

    Change in the Principal’s Office: the Role of Universities

    Colloquy: Read the transcript of a live, online discussion with Arthur Levine, president of Columbia University’s Teachers College, about his proposed reforms in training programs for leaders of elementary and secondary schools.Article: The Ed.D. -- Who Needs It? I can’t even begin to count how…