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Beth McMurtrie

Senior Writer
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Beth McMurtrie is a senior writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, where she writes about the future of learning and technology’s influence on teaching. In addition to her reported stories, she helps write the weekly Teaching newsletter about what works in and around the classroom. She has been with The Chronicle since 1999 and has written about many facets of higher education, including campus culture (diversity, free speech, fraternities, and binge drinking), scholars’ influence on public policy, and the challenges facing religious colleges. She has been a finalist in (2015) and a winner of (2009) the Education Writers Association’s National Awards for Education Reporting. She is the author of The Future of Learning: How Colleges Can Transform the Educational Experience (2018), and also spent eight years as The Chronicle’s international editor.

McMurtrie holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wellesley College and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Email her at, and follow her on Twitter @bethmcmurtrie.

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