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Brendan Cantwell

Brendan Cantwell is an associate professor of higher, adult, and lifelong education at Michigan State University.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    The Right-Wing Attempt to Control Higher Ed

    Demolishing independent expertise is a central goal of the Republican Party.
  • The Review | Opinion

    Against Social-Mobility Rankings

    They tell a simple story: Harvard is bad, CUNY and Cal State are good. It’s not that straightforward.
  • The Review

    The Culture War Has Come for Higher Ed

    Now is the time for academic leaders to fight.
  • The Review

    The ‘Flagship’ Folly

    The nautical metaphor is a shoddy classifier of colleges — but a clear signal of higher ed’s obsession with status.
  • The Review

    It’s Time for Radical Reorganization

    Crises spur intense competition among colleges. There’s a better way.