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Carlin Romano

Critic at Large (former)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Carlin Romano, former critic at large for The Chronicle, is a professor of philosophy and humanities at Ursinus College and author of America the Philosophical (Knopf, 2012).

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    How to Keep Violent Speech Off Campus

    A common-sense proposal.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Modern Western Dilemmas

    A popular Harvard philosophy course makes its way from the stage to the page.
  • The Review

    The Irrepressible Lightness of Umberto Eco

    His scholarship was as impressive as his fiction, and he pursued both with a good-natured humility.
  • The Chronicle Review

    How Literary Fame Happens

    Why are you reading Keats but not Barry Cornwall, Austen but not Mary Brunton?
  • The Chronicle Review

    Whatever Happened to Surrender?

    It seems a forgotten art in an era of endless wars.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Toxic History of Philosophy’s Racism

    Eurocentric accounts of the discipline have shortchanged Asian and African achievements. Peter K.J. Park is helping to change that.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Revanchism and Its Costs

    In Ukraine, Iraq, and many other places around the globe, political philosophy’s neglected stepchild is again raising havoc.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Paul de Man, Deconstructed

    Evelyn Barish’s new biography raises questions about how a scholar’s ethics should affect our reading of his work.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Whither Paper?

    Recent books highlight the counternarrative of the hard copy’s “durable glories.”
  • The Chronicle Review

    Dao Rising: Chinese Philosophy Lifts Off in America

    Students have long gravitated toward it, and now the Western philosophy establishment is starting to also.