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Carolyn Mooney

Senior Editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education

A senior editor and project manager, Carolyn Mooney has held numerous reporting and editing roles during a long Chronicle career. Previously, as the editor of special themed issues of The Chronicle, she worked with staff reporters, outside writers, and designers to produce reports on diversity, the digital campus, annual trends in higher education, and more.

Before that she traveled the globe as an international features writer, reporting on wide-ranging topics like language politics in Iceland and South Africa, and the Yeats Summer School, in Ireland. In earlier assignments, she covered state higher-education policy, faculty culture, college leadership, religion, pension funds, and the arts. Her articles providing an inside look at the tenure system and examining the career paths of Black mathematicians won Education Writers Association awards.

Before joining The Chronicle, she was a reporter at The Miami Herald and at States News Service, in Washington, D.C. She received a fellowship from the American Council on Germany to report on American troops stationed there at a time of rising anti-American tensions.

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