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Charlie Tyson

Charlie Tyson is a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Essay

    The Corporatization of Creativity

    Our ways of thinking about thinking are a product of postwar business culture.
  • The Review | Essay

    Do the Numbers Lie?

    A defense of humanistic learning against quantification retreats into mysticism.
  • The Review

    The Apocalyptic New Campus Novel

    In Christine Smallwood’s story of scholarly precarity, what the academy wastes above all is human potential.
  • The Review

    Reactionary Propaganda Rides Again

    Is academe biased against conservatives? No: Reality is.
  • The Review

    Is Academe Awash in Liberal Bias?

    Most people think so. They’re wrong.
  • The Review

    The Professor of Gimmicks

    Sianne Ngai is the most influential literary theorist of her generation.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Rise of Reassurance Lit

    Academe is awash in refrains about its own importance. Is anyone feeling better yet?
  • The Review

    Apocalypse Chic

    Being radical used to take a lot of work. Now all one needs to do is succumb, conspicuously, to hopelessness.
  • The Review

    A Legendary Scientist Sounds Off on the Trouble With STEM

    E.O. Wilson on the next big thing, the gladiatorial nature of academe, and the world beyond the human senses.
  • The Review

    The Expensive Superficiality of M.F.A. Programs

    They exist to train aspiring artists in how to sound sophisticated — not how to create art.