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Christopher Shea


Christopher Shea is an assistant editor of Outlook/PostEverything at The Washington Post. Formerly, he was a contributing writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Stories by this Author

  • Research

    New Rules for Human-Subject Research Are Delayed and Debated

    Many social scientists, like anthropologists and oral historians, argue that the rules should not apply to them.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Liar’s ‘Tell’

    Paul Ekman famously identified clues to dishonesty in people’s expressions. Now his critics wonder if he has stretched the truth.
  • Students

    Controversy Heats Up Over Exclusionary Religious Groups

    California State University has withdrawn its recognition of a Christian group that requires its leaders to be Christians. Other groups wait to see what’s next.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Limits of Religious Tolerance

    Should believers be exempt from laws they despise?
  • The Chronicle Review

    The New Academic Celebrity

    Theory thumpers are so 90s. What TED and the rest of the “ideas” circuit prize are upbeat wizards of science and social science.
  • The Review

    Academic Inequality and the Star System

    Which professors become highly visible may have changed since the 1990s, but the business side of the academic star system is still going strong: Universities that hope to move up in the graduate-program rankings target top professors and offer them high salaries and other perks. Against the…
  • Faculty

    Rutgers U. Suspends Noted Anthropologist

    Robert L. Trivers, who was briefly barred from the campus in 2012, says he is being punished for complaining to students about a teaching assignment.
  • Research

    Boycott Debate Is Symptom of Broader Shift in American Studies

    Does political activism represent a departure from the American-studies mission or a logical extension of its recent scholarship?
  • The Chronicle Review

    Erez Aiden Contains Multitudes

    A big thinker slaloms between the sciences and the humanities, inspiring both awe and skepticism.
  • Publishing

    Librarians Accuse Harvard Business Publishing of Unfair Prices

    As the publisher of “Harvard Business Review” pursues revenue from course assignments, some complain of profiteering.