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Claire Bond Potter

Claire Bond Potter is a professor emeritus of history at the New School for Social Research, the author of the Political Junkie Substack, and the creator of “Why Now?” a political history podcast.

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Stories by this Author

  • Advice

    Should You Retire Early?

    A Q&A with two academics, in English and history, on the intricacies of the decision to end a faculty career.
  • The Review | Opinion

    The Hard Truths of the Academic-Labor Crisis

    Even if striking workers win, the system is still rigged against them.
  • The Review | Opinion

    When Professors Close Ranks

    As the John Comaroff case shows, faculty members are too often complicit in concealing sexual harassment.
  • The Review

    Why Taking a Stand on the Internet Can Turn a Problem Into a Catastrophe

    Academics underestimate how our willingness to sign things — petitions, letters — can do real harm.
  • The Review

    The Other Amazon

    Feminist bookstores paved the way for today’s mass booksellers.
  • The Review

    Is the Internet the Final Bohemia?

    The places where intellectuals used to thrive have disappeared, but a new one has arisen.
  • Tenured Radical

    M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

    My sister bloggers Historiann (who has spent part of her sabbatical creating a snazzy new design) and Madwoman with a Laptop, now a fancy executive director, could tell you this farewell has been coming for a while. I’m hangin’ up my template.
  • Tenured Radical

    Teaching Baltimore, Teaching the History of American Violence

    During this year of police violence, and organizing against police violence, I have avoided blogging about the many issues raised by Ferguson, Staten Island and Baltimore. I am ambivalent about this decision, because it isn’t as though I do not have a lot to say, and that saying it in this space is…
  • Tenured Radical

    Weekend Link Love from Tenured Radical

    Best news ever! My conversation with Chauncey DeVega is up at We Are Respectable Negroes. Actually it’s been up since last week, and the conference, post conference, omigod-am-I-leaving-town-again cycle prevented me from posting it here. Apologies to all DeVega fans.
  • Tenured Radical

    The Current State of Academic Conferences

    I am just back from St. Louis, where the Organization of American Historians (OAH) had its annual meeting this weekend. A brief review: