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David J. Leonard

David J. Leonard is a professor of comparative ethnic studies and American studies at Washington State University.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Academic Workplace

    Trouble Finding Mentors on Campus? Go Online

    The new era of mentoring is based increasingly on relationships created within virtual spaces, but they don’t just happen. Here’s how to develop them.
  • Advice

    Negotiation 101: Don’t Play the Game

    Rather than looking for winners and losers, department chairs should view negotiation as an opportunity to create optimal conditions for a faculty member to succeed.
  • The Conversation

    Impostor Syndrome: Academic Identity Under Siege?

    Some professors constantly question their right to belong on the campus. Universities should do more to make them feel at home, says David J. Leonard.
  • The Conversation

    Frat Rap and the New White Negro

    The musical subgenre suggests the persistence of a black/white divide on campuses, writes David J. Leonard.
  • The Conversation

    Hocus Pocus From Potus and Flotus

    The Obamas’ commencement speeches shame and vilify African-American youth, minimizing both their achievements and the societal obstacles they face, David J. Leonard writes.
  • The Conversation

    Animal House on Steroids

    Attending sporting events and concerts, winterfests and spring flings, every undergraduate can go on to earn a postmodern Ph.D.—Party Hard Degree.
  • The Conversation

    Athletic Programs’ Twitter Jitters

    What, asks David J. Leonard, are colleges really worried about when they ban their players from tweeting?
  • The Conversation

    Preventing the Rise of Pothead U.

    Legalization won’t make much difference on college campuses, where, as in other primarily white communities, marijuana is already effectively decriminalized, writes David J. Leonard.
  • The Conversation

    The Inked Academic Body

    David J. Leonard says tattoos can become part of our pedagogy, an important way to break down the gulf between teacher and learner.
  • The Conversation

    Shoes, Diplomas, and the American Dream

    What’s wrong with the LeBronX symbolizes what’s wrong with higher education, says David Leonard.