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Donald E. Heller

Donald E. Heller is the retired provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of San Francisco.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    How Weak Leadership Enables Campus Scandals

    Quickly suspending or firing an accused employee is worth the legal risk.
  • The Review

    After Michigan State: ‘Could We Be Next?’

    Colleges established training, policies, and procedures in the wake of the Penn State sex-abuse scandal. It wasn’t enough.
  • The Review

    Expect DeVos to Apply Her Free-Market Outlook to Colleges

    What she’s advocated for in elementary and secondary schools in Michigan has implications for her approach to American colleges.
  • Commentary

    The End of College? Not So Fast

    How a new book about the online-only future of higher education gets it wrong.
  • Commentary

    ‘Easy A’s’ Gets an F

    The National Council on Teacher Quality suggests in a new report that teacher-preparation programs use lax grading standards. But the organization’s own standards of evaluation are deeply flawed.
  • Commentary

    A Study to Measure Value of Community Colleges Falls Short

    A report on the earning power of an associate degree takes on an important topic, but its data miss the mark.
  • Commentary

    For Penn State’s Leaders, an Indictment of Malfeasance

    Sometimes good people make bad decisions. But that truism doesn’t measure up here. Not one top official in the know chose to step forward and do the right thing.
  • The Review

    America’s Academic Arms Race With Britain

    Donald E. Heller considers how the recession will affect this academic arms race.
  • News

    How Harvard Foils Its Own Good Intentions

    Last week Harvard University announced what it described as a “sweeping middle-income initiative” involving a new series of financial-aid policies for undergraduates enrolling in Harvard College. The university’s news release stated that “the new initiative focuses on ensuring greater affordability…
  • The Review

    To Make College More Affordable, Award Pell Grants Earlier

    The House of Representatives has passed a bill that reauthorizes the Higher Education Act of 1965. Among many other items, the legislation — the College Access and Opportunity Act — tackles a crucial issue concerning the affordability of college today: how to make the process of applying for…