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Emma Pettit

Senior Reporter
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Emma Pettit is a senior reporter who covers faculty issues and higher-education oddities for The Chronicle of Higher Education. She loves people-driven narratives and falling down rabbit holes. Before joining The Chronicle in 2018, she reported on county government and breaking news for The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, based in Little Rock, Ark. She won several feature-writing awards there and was named the 2017 Outstanding New Journalist, presented by the Arkansas Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Born in Nebraska and raised in Colorado, Emma attended Villanova University. She studied English and political science while she was an athlete on the varsity volleyball team. She is a writer because of her father, who would ask her to come up with metaphors for the moon during early morning drives.

When she’s not reporting on departmental drama, she can be found goofing around on Twitter, where she spends too much time. Follow her at @EmmaJanePettit, or email her at

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