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Gene C. Fant Jr.

Gene C. Fant Jr. is the president of North Greenville University, and a professor of English.

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Stories by this Author

  • Advice

    Ivy League Fantasy Camp

    How a two-week training program for administrators changed the way I do my job.
  • Advice

    Negotiation 101: Be Reasonable, Be Transparent

    Candidates who won’t be happy teaching represent themselves as teachers in order to get jobs all the time. Don’t do that; it’s not good for anyone.
  • On Hiring

    Name Game

    Gene Fant recalls some search deliberations in which a candidate’s name came into play.
  • On Hiring

    On End-of-Term Distractions

    ‘Tis the season for time wasting, Gene Fant says.
  • On Hiring

    The Job Search: It’s So Not Personal

    Gene Fant explains why it’s a waste of time and energy to become emotionally involved in searches that do not produce offers.
  • On Hiring

    A Tough Time of Year for New Professors

    This part of the semester is when graduate instructors and first-time faculty members often hit a wall, Gene Fant notes.
  • On Hiring

    ‘First World’ Academic Problems

    Why is it that people’s discontent is usually greatest when the stakes are lowest? Gene Fant wonders.
  • On Hiring

    Mugged by an Offer

    Sometimes early job offers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
  • On Hiring

    The Accidental Pay Cut

    What happens when the temporary extra teaching load, and the money that comes with it, goes away?
  • On Hiring

    When Everyone Knows How Much You Make

    Gene Fant looks at the upside and downside of public salaries.